Monday, April 30, 2012

Ruptured Achilles Tendon - Day 65 Post Op Day 53

Its been about 10 weeks since the "incident", 7 weeks since surgery, and 2 weeks in the "Boot"

For the first few days, Kevin still needed crutches for balance when walking with his Boot. Now its been about 2 weeks, and hes walking pretty well without crutches with his Boot on. He is able to go up and down the stairs pretty smoothly.

At home, he doesn't wear the Boot and tries to give his foot more opportunity to bear weight and to gain a little flexibility.

Next week, is his followup appointment to see if he can start PT.

He has been using a special scar cream from Beijing for 2 weeks.
Bao Fu Ling 

It works wonders on all skin ailments, (dry skin, burns, cuts, scars, eczema, etc)

Here is his scar comparison. He wasn't using the cream the whole time because his foot was in the cast, I'm sure it would look even better if he was able to. I know lighting in the recent photo is much lighter, but you can see the scar is healing really well.

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