Sunday, August 7, 2011

Swim analysis

I saw a Facebook ad about half a year ago which advertised to triathletes who wanted to improve their swimming. Im a really slow swimmer, and when I'm ocean swimming, I'm totally shark bait because then whole group has taken off, and I'm way behind paddling along.

I looked up the company and it is a physical therapy office that has a swim clinic in Tusin, CA. I've been wanting to do it, but just didnt have enough time. I knew once I went to the clinic, I would need to dedicate lots of practice and training based on what they taught me.
So finally this summer I had a chance to go, and totally loved it.

Two-time Olympian, Kaitlin Sandeno, who participated in the Athens & Sydney games and won 1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze, and was a world record holder, is one of our instructors

Kaitlin was so helpful.
you start off with a video of how you currently swim, and she then suggests ways to improve and correct.
The rest of the session you practice and film, and see how you improve. From my first video to my last, I had a lot of improvement!

When I saw my first video, it was horrifying! I had such ugly form! My arms and legs are flailing all over the place, my head wasn't in the right spot, and my arms, god knows what they were trying to do. It's quite amazing seeing yourself because you really have no idea how you look. To me, I thought I had great form, well.. Not great, but not as bad as what the video revealed.

The most helpful tip was she really taught me how to "catch" the water and where my elbows should be. I always thought I was doing it right, but I was really wrong. I've read so many articles about "catch" and "elbows" and now it all finally makes sense!

She also advised that when I'm swimming correctly, my under arms to my back muscles should be sore. That means I'm using the right muscles and "catching" the water.

Im so excited to practice and hopefully be a faster swimmer, and no longer "shark-bait".

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pool drama

Does anyone else have pool drama?
My gym is just notorious for extremely bad pool etiquette. And not to be racist, cus I'm Asian too, it's always the old Asian men and women who are the repeat offenders. This isn't the first time, but the rage has begun to boil up and I'm not taking this shit from anyone anymore.

I swim freestyle up and down the 25 meter lanes, and I need to do about 40-45 laps (or 80-90 lengths) in under an hour and I can't stop. I don't know why but people think I'm 1000% yes one thousand percent invisible. They don't see me feverishly going back and forth at a fairly faster speed. they think the lane is completely empty for their shit and giggles.

Last night I literally collided into 4 different people.
#1 a girl that was playing with her friend in the lap pool. They were floating aimlessly across all lanes.
#2 her friend.
#3 a man that was doing the backstroke, but I have no idea how he got into my lane, he must've entered on the other end. ( oh and yes concept of simple physics completely eludes these people as well. Because they think of even though I'm on one end and there is a person on the other end, there will be some magical force of anti physics that will not have us collide head on) I'm curious how these people even drive on the streets.
Then #4 and by far the worst! an older Asian lady.

I'm swimming back up the lane and she jumps in, crash!!!
I ask her, would u like to share this lane?
Lady; you were over there (points to the end of the pool) I am here ( points to the front) you have to listen to me, this is my lane.
Me: (now I'm pissed cus she is blatantly saying yes I'm stealing this lane from u, f-off!)

No I was here for the past 20 mins, this is my lane. If u what to share u need to ask me because I can't see u when I'm swimming. Everyone else waits their turn for an open lane, or they ask to share. You don't just steal and take!

Begrudgingly she goes to the slow lane next to me, and remains there.

Seriously does this only happen in my gym or what? Im looking forward to ocean swimming this weekend, at least there won't be asian ladies trying to steal the whole ocean!