Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tummy Troubles?

This is a interesting article from  "5 Digestion Tips for Athletes"
I'm not sure if I like them all.. but it doesn't hurt to try..

I'll paraphrase the key points
  1. Largest meal should be lunch. 
    • Ideal portion size = two hands cupped together. (I don't think that is enough food for me.. but I will try it)
    • Eat smaller portions more frequently. 
  2. Avoid Combining:
    • Fruit and Dairy (like fruit and yogurt) Acidity of fruit can rot in the milk while in the stomach
    • Sweet and Sour (can irritate digestive tract)
  3. Limit to 3 different foods at a time/meal
    • Complicated meals = complicated digestion.
  4. Drink 1/2 cup of water before a meal
    • This will active the digestive fire to burn food.
  5.  Chew thoroughly:
    • The more something is chewed up, the easier the stomach will digest it. 
I'm pretty much guilty of violating each rule to the most extreme degree. 
I seriously inhale all my food, and I eat insanely large portions.
I love eating my dessert with my meals and I always consume liquids during meals.
And only 3 ingredients in my meal? I love variety and the more the merrier.. 

 I'm sure following these 5 rules are a very healthy way to eat. This will definitely be a challenge.. 

Happy Eating.. er.. I mean.. Happy Chewing.... :P

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  1. I don't follow any of those rules either. And the fruit and dairy one seems off to me...your stomach acid has a pH of 1.5-3.5, and there's hydrochloric acid in there. Even the fruits with a ton of citric acid, like lemons for example, are no more acidic than that. So considering fruit and yogurt are both good for you, you're probably safe. Don't give up healthy food because tells you to! :) I've definitely seen some really suspect "advice" from them before...