Tuesday, January 10, 2012


BenDoesLife.com is an awesome blog. I first came across his blog maybe a year ago via Kara Goucher's Blog when she posted about the imfamous video Ben made called "My 120 lb Journey" (its an awesome video if you haven't seen it yet. Often I re-watch it to get inspired again)

Ben has a new post where he does a weekly vlog of a "Plank off" and he planks with a timer to see how long he and the viewers can plank together.

I tried it this week but I can't last very long.. maybe 20-30 seconds? but I do plan to "plank-off" with Ben in the upcoming weeks to get better. My goal is to be able to plank for 2 minutes.


check it out and we can plank together :)

Happy Planking!


  1. that sounds so funny...a plank off. my girls would love this

  2. I haven't done the plank off but I AM part of the community and am currently working to up my push ups...which are dismally low right now. Good luck and we'll all celebrate with you when you hit 2 mins (and all the times in between)!

  3. That's a great blog, he is amazing. I haven't attempted a plank for a while, must try again!