Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ruptured Achilles Tendon - Day 3

Good News: 1 day later - Aetna approved the MRI (like they should)
Bad News: the MRI company gave away our Wednesday morning time spot to someone else, so we were able to get an appointment Wednesday at 430p. However, that means Kevin would have to drive himself to the appointment.
He's able to drive, since it was his left Achilles that ruptured, but it is pretty cumbersome for him to get around.

He was standing longer than he should and the blood started to pool at the foot. When he took off his splint the foot was pretty swollen and bruised.

Later that night he slept with his foot elevated which helped reduce the swelling.

Bruising on both sides of the foot :(

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ruptured Achilles Tendon - Day 2

So first thing Monday morning, I called and we were able to get an appointment Monday afternoon with the orthopedic surgeon. Terrific :)

Dr. Smith performed a few special tests and felt that it is a full tear, but he wanted an MRI to confirm. However my PPO Aetna insurance company was being very difficult. It was seriously a 2+ hour ordeal just to schedule an MRI.
(I have had an MRI before under my other insurance, United Health Care, and it was so easy to obtain an MRI the same or next day. Not Aetna)
The MRI office wanted an approval code from our doctor, which the doctor would need to obtain from Aetna,. However, Aetna needed a procedure code from the MRI company to give the approval code. But the MRI company wouldn't give the code without the doctor's tax ID number. But the doctor didn't know his tax ID number, because he works for the hospital. So, the doctor had to call the very unresponsive hospital admin to give the tax-id number. FINALLY, everyone had all the #'s they needed. Then Aetna had to ask a billion questions to the doctor, "Whats his range of motion? Is this a prior injury? etc" Finally, they said it would take 1-2 days to give the approval for an MRI.
Honestly, the doctor says it needs surgery, and you (the insurance company) need to approve an MRI? WTF?

Kevin said he felt the pain was more manageable. At least it wasn't getting worse. He doesn't use his crutches much around the house and doesn't elevate his leg as much as he should.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ruptured Achilles Tendon - The Beginning.

One of my greatest fears, a ruptured Achilles tendon, has hit close to home. 

On Sunday, Feb 26, 2012 my boyfriend, Kevin, ruptured his Achilles tendon while playing basketball. As with most other ruptured Achilles, it comes without warning to most "weekend warriors". As he began to take a step, it felt like someone kicked him in the leg. He turned around and saw that no one was behind him, so he began to continue forward, it was at that moment, he felt the dreaded "pop".

He hopped off court, put an ankle brace on and elevated his foot. 
When he got home, he told me what he did, and as a person studying physical therapy, I ran some special tests on him and the results didn't look good. Looking at the leg, it was swollen with a visible depression where the tendon should be. The Thompson test showed that his foot didn't move. He was unable to perform toe raises or any type of weight bearing, which again showed positive for a ruptured Achilles. 

Since it was Sunday, and my orthopedic wasn't open, I wasn't sure where to take him. I called Urgent care and they said my b/f would need to go to the Hospital. 

So we headed to the nearest hospital around noon, and we didn't leave the hospital until after 5pm. It was a long visit. The doctor thought it was a partial tear and not a full tear because Kevin was able to put his foot into plantar flexion, (pointing down), but he was reluctant to say for sure. So he said we had to call the orthopedic surgeon on Monday and schedule an appointment. He wrapped up Kevin's left leg in a splint, and sent us home. 

Since Kevin is allergic to acetaminophen, its limited to what type of pain meds he can take, so he opted to not take any. He said the pain wasn't too bad to just tough if out.

Right leg - Unaffected leg
See the nice curvature of the Achilles tendon

Left Leg - Ruptured Achilles

Friday, February 17, 2012

So when's your next event?

Often I get asked this question, either by friends or family, someone at the gym, or another runner on the road. And I reply, "none, I train for nothing, I just like doing this".

 At the end of 2011, I decided to not do any events in 2012, and spend the year training on my weaknesses to get faster and stronger.
 During 2011, I had a lot of events lined up, and with a busy work and school schedule, I gave up quality for quantity. Given about 3 days a week to train with only maybe 1 or 2 hours at most to spare, I focused getting in my miles, and not even thinking about my times. If I'm going to do a half ironman, I'd rather finish the whole race instead of worry about my times.

 So, this year, my main focus is to shed 7% body fat so I can be lighter and faster. And in the process, get stronger arms and back muscles so I can be a better swimmer, and stronger hips and hamstrings so I run and bike faster. I still train and workout almost everyday. I love not stressing over getting in my miles, and just focus on my core of my legs.

I don't need to have the deadline of an event looming over me to "motivate" me, it actually stresses me out more. I love working out and training just because. If I wasn't doing that, I don't know what I would do. 

But...if given the opportunity, and if I feel I can perform decently, there are only 2 events in 2012 that I would want to do.
1- Nike women's full marathon in sf around Sept
2- Barb's race 70.3 half ironman around June to July (highly unlikely that this will happen.. Maybe 2013)

Happy trainings!