Thursday, January 27, 2011

Running in Silence

Lately I've been in search  to be more spiritual.

I've been trying to meditate to make sense of my thoughts but its hard to tune yourself out. After a few failed attempts, I remembered I was really good a tuning myself out while I was running without music.So yesterday I did a good 4-5 mile run, in silence, and it was so freeing.

Now its Not easy to start off running long distance without music, if its something you're used to. Trust me.

I did Not start voluntarily. It started 1 day my ipod wasn't charged all the way, another day, I forgot to bring it, another day, the stupid thing started to die mid run. Now when this happened, I didn't handle it well. I would seriously "sabotage" my run, so it would end early and I could avoid running without music. My 5 mile runs would turn to be 1 mile, looking back, it was kinda pathetic of me. haha

I started off with a few miles, here and there. As my Ipod would die more and more often, I would get so frustrated at it, I just stopped bringing it altogether.

Eventually, I started to appreciate running with out music. Its a very "interesting" feeling. The best way I can describe it when you're driving home really late, and you're really tired, and you got home, but you have no recollection of "How" you got home. Your body knew how to drive home, even though your mind wasn't fully into it.

That's kinda how it is. I finished a 10+ mile run, and didn't even realize the time that goes by. Its actually quite amazing on what you find out when you're alone with your thoughts and just space out.
I've come up with so many "Million Dollar Ideas" only to race home and google that its already been invented. haha! one day.. one will work..

In September/October, I bought the new Ipod Nano  Apple iPod nano 16 GB Graphite (6th Generation) NEWEST MODEL the one like this.

Its a fabulous device because its small, and can clip onto your shirt. So for the past few months I've been so addicted to it, I haven't ran without music and actually that concept completely eluded me.

So now, on my long runs, I plan to put the nano down, and be alone with my thoughts..

lets see what "peace" it can bring.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Run Less, Run Faster - Session 1

Runner's World Run Less, Run Faster: Become a Faster, Stronger Runner with the Revolutionary FIRST Training Program (Runners World)  My friend gave me this book for my birthday, and its something I've been striving to do ever since my first race - Run faster. Why? Not so I can win a race, or prove anything, its merely so I can spend less time running!! As much as I love running, I do love other things in life too, like eating, or swimming. Spending 4-5 hours running, every Sunday morning isn't always ideal. Once in a while its ok, but all the time gets a bit draining. Now if I can cut that down to 3 hours, now we're talkin!!

So I started the Half marathon training program listed in the book.
The first workout are timed intervals, (I usually don't train with a watch, so this was difficult for me to figure out how fast I was supposed to be running)

10 - 20 min warm up,
12x400 @9.15/min pace, 90 sec RI (rest interval)
10 min cool down.

Actually using the "Dreadmill" aka (treadmill) worked out really well. It was easy to set the pace and make my legs go. I ended up on the Dreadmill for over an hour. I've Never spent that much time on a treadmill, usually I'm bored out of my mind after 20 mins and I'm dying to get on the pavement.

For me, Interval training and focusing on the distance really helped make the time go by much faster (instead of focusing on the time), because 400meters later I'd have to switch up the pace.

I've always read so many articles of how to "have fun" on the treadmill, and I actually did!

Lets see if I'm faster after 18 weeks.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Corona Del Mar

The Quotable Runner: Great Moments of Wisdom, Inspiration, Wrongheadedness, and Humor My friend recently gave me this book for my birthday. I love running quotes, and this was perfect.

Although its not all fun and games, the author sprinkled in a few, what he calls "detractors and reactors" type of quotes, things non-runners say, which is kinda cool. 

One quote was:
"Its unnatural for people to run around on city streets unless they are thieves or victims.."-Mike Royko

This is all too true almost every time I run, and I think its true for most people, unless you live in a city where people run and everything is runner friendly or bike friendly.

Like its 1000% clear that I'm just jogging, I have workout clothes and a water bottle, My hair is tied up with a hat or visor, yet people still look at your like you're an alien, or you're up to no good. Sometimes I envision myself getting shot from the police because they mistaken my water bottle as a gun, and my water belt as a holster.

At times I really would like to move to a city where exercise was accepted it. Where people don't try to kill you for being in the bike lane, or Honk at you when you're running on the streets. Where people don't feel threatened because you are exercising. Which is why I would Love to live in Corona Del Mar, one day.....

I train down in Corona Del Mar (about a 40 min drive) and I always say that those are "my" people. They're up at 5am on a Saturday and already clocked a few miles on their bike or on the pavement. Its really amazing and heart warming. These people do what I do, all the time & more hard core, and its the whole city. In CDM, you won't have the conversation with someone, "Why do you run" instead it would be "When do you run? Can I join you?"

Great Article via Runner's World,7124,s6-238-267--13818-0,00.html

A Great article of why Running is awesome, via Runner's World (the best runner's magazine ever!)

It's All Good
More scientific proof that running keeps you healthy.

By Amy Rushlow
Image by John Hersey
From the February 2011 issue of Runner's World

Scientists have discovered the fountain of youth—it's running. Studies continue to find that hitting the roads improves health and well-being. "The biggest benefits come from vigorous exercise like running," says JoAnn Manson, M.D., chief of preventive medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Here are the latest reasons to lace up.

People who run more than 35 miles a week are 54 percent less likely to suffer age-related vision loss than those who cover 10 miles a week.

Runners who log a weekly run of 10 miles (or more) are 39 percent less likely to use high-blood-pressure meds and 34 percent less likely to need cholesterol meds compared with those who don't go farther than three miles.

Men who burn at least 3,000 calories per week (equal to about five hours of running) are 83 percent less likely to have severe erectile dysfunction.

Running strengthens bones better than other aerobic activities, say University of Missouri researchers who compared the bone density of runners and cyclists. Sixty-three percent of the cyclists had low density in their spine or hips; only 19 percent of runners did.

British workers were surveyed on a day they worked out and a day they didn't. People said they made fewer mistakes, concentrated better, and were more productive on the day they were active.

A study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society reported that women who were active as teenagers were less likely to develop dementia later in life.

Insomniacs fell asleep in 17 minutes on days they ran, compared to 38 minutes on days they didn't. They also slept for an extra hour on days they exercised.

People who exercise for an hour a day are 18 percent less likely to suffer upper-respiratory-tract infections than those who are inactive, according to a study from Sweden. Moderate activity boosts immunity.

Researchers had asthmatics do two cardio workouts and one strength session a week. After three months, they reported less wheezing and shortness of breath.

A review of 22 studies found that people who work out 2.5 hours a week are 19 percent less likely to die prematurely than those who don't exercise. A separate study found that active people have a 50 percent lower risk of premature death.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Zensah Compression Socks Review

These socks are pretty awesome. I wore them on my last 13.1 race, and my legs are pretty sore expect for my calves, which I attribute to the socks. I also enjoy having the ankle support from the whole sock, versus just the calf sleeves.  My calves actually feel fine, as if I hadn't even run 13.1 miles. My quads on the other hand are pretty sore.

Zensah Compression Socks

2011 13.1 Series Los Angeles

This weekend I participated in my 1st of 3 races of the 13.1 Series.  
I'm doing 3 events so I can get that special medal!

This race was held in near Santa Monica and Venice. This is still a relatively new series, so the # of participants wasn't as crowded as other races that I've been in. At first I was skeptical about how few participants were there (I heard about three-four thousand). However, during the race it was actually really nice to not worry about the crowds. Usually the first 2-3 miles are spent dodging elbows and passing up people. But for the majority of the race I didn't really have to bother with elbows or people who were too ambitious and went in the 5 min corral, when they're really 13 min runners.

This is a good race to aim to PR in. Its Flat and Straight. You start at the beach, and run up Venice Blvd about 7 miles, and then turn around and run back down Venice Blvd. Its nice to not have to strategize about if there is a curve coming up, or where the path is taking you. Its just 1 straight shot.

They had a good # of water locations with Gatorade, at almost each station, if not at least every other station had an energy drink. The first few miles there was a water stop at each mile marker. Then in the middle of the race, it was about every 2 miles, then Some races I've been to, only have water stations at every 2-3 mile marker, and every 2-3 stops will have Gatorade or an Energy drink, so it can be about mile 4 or 6 before you get a sport drink. They had the fruit punch Gatorade at this race, which is in my opinion is the best tasting one. The yellow one just gets really boring. haha.  I usually carry my own liquids, so I don't lose time fighting the crowds for a drink, but usually half way through the event, the sun starts beating down, and I grab water to toss over my head and down my back.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sneak in more Protein

Here is an a Super Easy and Healthy way to sneak in some more protein into your diet.

Its important to get adequate amount of protein in your diet to build Lean Muscle Mass. Your muscles need protein to maintain itself and to get stronger. If you start cutting calories, and especially the protein, your muscles will wither away, leaving you lighter in weight, but flabby.

You want to get tone, not flabby.

How many grams protein to do you need per day?

A good gauge is to take your weight. 
-divide by 2 (if you want to build more muscle)
-divide by 3 (if you want to get lean but not bulk up too much)
anywhere inbetween 2 & 3 is a good number to be at.

If you want to build lots of muscles, go 1 for 1, 1lb / 1 gram of protein. Some guys actually do more than that..

weight 125
divide by 2 : 62.5 grams of protein
divide by 3: 41.6 grams of protein.

I cant' take all the credit for this, my b/f showed me this.
  • Oatmeal 8g
  • Egg white (or with yolk your pref) 4g
  • Soy milk 7g
  • Protein powder (as much as you like)
  • mix it all together, microwave. 
  • Done. 
You get 19g alone, without the powder, if you add in 10-15 grams of powder, you're already at close to 30-35 grams in just 1 meal.

Its much easier, and less fattening than eating a ton of chicken or steak.

Oatmeal (Kashi has 8 grams of protein)
Egg whites about 4g

Add as much protein powder - I do a spoonful about 10-15g
Soy Milk, about 7g

Add it all together, microwave for 2 minutes

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Its pretty funny how quickly perspective can change.

My first race were the old Nike Races around either 5 miles or a 10k.

In 2006 the Nike Run Hit Wonder (where they had 1 hit wonders perform). I guess that wasn't as appealing to the performers so they changed it the year after to be the Nike Run Hit Remix in 2007, then the next year it became the Nike Human Race in 2008 this was a pretty awesome race because Kanye West performed at the end.  After that I stopped attending these races because they started to get more expensive but more lame.

The 2009 race was held at midnight, and fyi, running around 'that' part of LA is not safe at night, oh and also NO BAND & no music. More $ and less goodies.. no thanks.. They haven't hosted another one of those races since.



I wasn't a consist runner back then. I trained a few months before the 'big' race, and take a significant amount of time off. But I always remember how STRESSED I was over that those races. Running 6 miles? WTF?!! I would train diligently and get my miles in.

in 2009, I decided to go for the Big Time, and do... The Orange County Half Marathon.. 13.1 miles.. It was the biggest challenge ever. I thought I could never run more that than ever, but after I did I race, I went on to run a marathon the next year.
Its funny how quickly perspective changes.

This weekend I have a 13.1 race coming up, and I can honestly just go out and run it, without stressing about "training" for it. I mean I'm training all the time anyways, but Now I can actually Enjoy myself. 13 miles is close to a normal maintenance run, and 6 miles are my "easy" runs.. just a few years ago, 6 miles was insane to me. 

So if you have a big race coming up and you're worried about it, dont worry too much.

You'll finish, look back and think, "hey I did it, and I can do more!"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Posterior Shin Splint

My current "injury"

Forefoot running was not meshing well with my left leg. My plantar would be upset, my ankle would need more support, and my calf would always be really really sore, but it was pains I could power through. Then recently, I got a 'new' pain that was much different.

This pain felt more like a really deep painful bruise on the lower, inner section of my left calf. Around 3-5 inches above the ankle. The foam roller couldn't help this time. The Pain would last about 3 days, but would come back again, with intense usage.

I started to google and narrowed it down to either a posterior shin splint or a stress fracture. I set up a meeting with my podiatrist who did an xray and thankfully said its not a stress fracture, and was as I suspected, a posterior shin splint.

I told him my new method of training, forefoot running. The strange thing is my right leg has No pains at all. no soreness, nothing. 100% left. so odd.

anyways, he explained that the Normal shin splints we get, (on the front of the leg -shin) is caused because that muscle is pulling our foot upwards (figure 1). Where as for me, from Forefoot running, my foot is in the downward position more (figure 2), which uses the posterior mucles, hence over use= shin splint

I asked him what a stress fracture would feel like, and he said:
1- a constant pain
2- more of a throbbing, stabbing pain, that would get get worse even with walking.

At least now I will be able to tell the difference.

For now I'm gonna go back to my old midfoot strike. But I'm really happy its just shin splint, and nothing worse. Horray!!

Figure 1
This is where the pain was.

Figure 2

Monday, January 10, 2011

2009 Camp Pendleton Mud Run

as "Fun" as this race was, I wouldn't do it again. I'm just a little bitter because I got injured on my right foot, that took 6 months to 1 year to completely heal. It sucked for a long while!!

Within the first mile, the race made you cross a creek so your shoes are wet from the start. (yes running in wet shoes suck!)

the first 3-4 miles have similar creek crossings, going up trails and uphills. Not too bad. The last 2-3 miles you start getting into the mud pits, (lovely) and climbing over the walls. I'm really glad I did it with a group, because the guys are taller, were able to help boost us up. Then there was a lake crossing. This particular race, the lake was about 5.5 feet deep, so the boys were able to walk across (no one in my group knew how to swim), so I was able to piggy back off the boys. My friend did this race in 2010 and said the water was much deeper so everyone had to swim.

We finished the race in pretty decent time, but I wish I had brought flip flops to wear. My shoes were so full of rocks and grossness, the trek back to the car was difficult. This is where I got my foot injury. Also wearing old and worn out shoes didn't help either.

People said to use duct tape, but I didn't use it, but I did have my shoes Really tight, which contributed to my foot injury.
all in all, it was fun, but I wouldn't want to do it again..

2009 OC 1/2 Marathon Review

I decided review some of my old races, of what I can remember..

May 2009, This was my First ever half marathon, and the long distance I've ever ran up to that point. Earlier that week, my training partner told me that she read somewhere, "You're not a real runner until you've crapped your pants". That day, I came close to it.

We woke up at 4am got ready and drove down to Orange County. We didn't practice our morning routine, so we didn't have the proper breakfast set up, (which later I regret). I believe I ate a slice of bread and a "No Peanut Peanut Butter" with no fat (mistake), and a hard boiled egg. Very nervous for our longest race and run to date. It was the first time I ran where the end point wasn't a circle. So you park at the finish line, then take a shuttle to the starting line..

So you have to get there early or you might miss the shuttle. We waited in line for 30-45 mins and it was VERY cold. I didn't bring a camera or phone so I have no pictures to document this race. We were all rookies.

I recall seeing a group of older Korean men and women who are part of a running group, they wear bright yellow shirts. I don't recall the name of it, but they are at every running event I've attended here in So.Cal, so I'm sure you'll see them. And they totally kicked our mid 20's asses.

The run started off great, until I hit around mile 6, then my stomach started to hurt, and things weren't looking so good. For the rest of the race onward every muscle of my body that wasn't running, was focusing on not crapping my pants. After mile 9, I took small breaks by slowing down to get water, and then to run again. I didn't want to stop or walk. That meant defeat.

I pushed through and was insanely tired at this point, and wanted to stop, but I was at mile 11. Only 2 more miles left.. I tricked myself into say, I'll walk at the next mile, I'll walk at the next mile... Then mile 12 came and its only 1 more mile left, you CANT walk now!

The best thing that I always will remember, there was a sign someone posted up near the end that read:
"Pain is temporary, but your Time is on the internet forever!" 

I kept running.

Finally I made it to the end, and made a bee-line for the restrooms, I didn't even try to find my friends. I found a corner and sat there, my stomach was in so much pain. I experienced having salt crystals on my body for the first time, and my underarms were so chaffed. (I learned how to tell what makes you chaff and what doesn't)

There were a lot of firsts that day.. but far from being my last.

Depo Provera Review

This post is really for the ladies, so guys if you're interested and don't get quesy feel free to read on for some additional information.

Nothing gets in the way of training or racing more than our "lovely" visit from Aunt Flo every 26-28 days. Seriously F-U Aunt Flo, take your present and shove it up your arse..

I don't know how 'she' did it, but for 3-4 consecutive races events, the race day was my first and heaviest flow day, with bloating and cramps galore! I looked at the calendar and it would have started on EVERY SINGLE race day event without wavering, and worse on my Triathlons too!

I was so fed up. I went to my OB asking what can I do to get rid of Aunt Flo, and she recommended the Depo Provera Shot. A few years ago I read up on it, and read all the scary stories and reviews and was pretty freaked out by it. But  my OB assured me that it was safe, so I tried it out. How bad could 3 months be?

BEST DECISION OF 2010!!  So insanly happy that I decided to go with Depo. No more periods. No more heavy flows on race day, no more cramps, all the  $ saved on tampons and pads. At most, I would get a very light period close to when I'm due for my next shot (so around every 3 months) really never need more than a liner to handle it.

You get a shot once every 3 months on your hip. I've had it for almost 12 months, and no side effects, reactions, or anything.
The doctor warned about

1 - increase in water weight, which I dont really notice, at most it would be 5-10 lbs.
2- acne - I can deal with a pimple on race day, I CAN NOT deal with changing tampons at mile 6, 9 &18, etc.
3 - possible bone density loss - So I take calcium pills, to compensate/ combat that.

Ladies if you're fed up with dealing with stupid menstrual cycles, Give Depo a shot :)

Food and Timing

Back in highschool, I always recall a certain conversation I heard from a male teacher. I cant remember who said it but he said this phrase that alwas stuck with me to this day.
He said: "oh yea, i love going to bed hungry, like on an empty stomach. That feels great." And several students agreed, tooth and nail. I always found it odd.

To this day I try my best not to be famished going to bed, because I end up having wildly vivid dreams of food and me eating but never satisfied. Usually the dreams will end with me biting my tongue, literally.

I had a meal around 430 today and it threw off my eating sched. I wasnt hungry for dinner and believed I could go without food until tomorrow morning. I was a little excited to have saved the calories, except 10 mins in bed around 12am, I'm hungry, and getting rapidly close to famished.

My stomach is quite comical because there is no slow buildup to hunger status. It goes from "no, im not hungry" to "I need food now, or I'm gonna faint!" in the span of 15 mins. It sounds a little diabetic, but its just my weird body.

Lots of people think eating before 7 or whatever time, is the way to lose weight. But studies have shown timing has nothing to do with it. People who start the "no eating after # o clock" and lose weight, is mainly due to them just consuming fewer calories. They are more conscious of what they eat and if they stop eating at a certain time, they just stop intaking as many calories.

If you are watching what you eat and your intake, dont feel bad if you grab a nibble at midnight. It wont destroy your waistline.

Anyways I always think food tastes insanely better at and after midnight. No wonder people love eating leftovers at that time. I really wonder what is it? Are our tastebuds heightened by the tides?

As I gorge myself, the voice of my HS teacher with his sentence "I love sleeping on a empty stomach" replays in my head.

He obviously has no tastebuds and is a robot.
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Morning vrs Evening?

Hi Li Ly youre also a runner arent you? You seem to know more about running than I do. Please help me out, Ive only been running for about 4 or 5 months but one thing I havent figured out yet is: is it better to run in the morning or in the evening? Obviously in the evening it is warmer which means you lose alot more bodily fluids and burn alot more calories. But in the morning I feel like its not making any impact. What should I do?
Thanks from Steve

Hi Steve,
oh I'm glad I can help, thanks for reaching out to me :) I love talking about running.
There are both pros and cons for running in the morning vrs evening. For me its whenever I can squeeze in a workout, but i really need to be more consistent.

Morning Runs
Pros: gets you and your body more prepped for races, which usually tend to be in the mornings. Its definitely a benefit to have that under your belt when racing. Because its colder and people are usually more stiff in the morning, when they wake up to race at 7am for the first time, they're more easily prone to injury and cramps and they most likely don't have their morning routine and breakfast all worked out = upset tummy's at mile 10, or searching for port-a-pottys at mile 2 (it will be trial and error to see what foods and liquids and at what time intervals you should eat/ drink to give you the best workout)

Since its colder in the morning your body temp stays lower for a longer period of time which is a good thing = you can run longer & harder. If you feel that its not making an impact try to increase the mileages or intensity of the run (throw in some hills or sprint intervals). Also see if you can complete the same amount of distance you would in the evening by cutting your time down.

Some of the top runners actually wear a chilled vest before they run so it'll keep their body temp lower for the first few miles.

Waking up early sucks.. Jk. Some people argue that because its so early and your body/immune system is a bit weaker in the morning, you might be more prone to catching a cold. But with the right clothes and after getting used to the mornings, that's easy to overcome. Just remember to stretch and get a really good warm up. you might need to warm up a bit more, like 10 mins more than what you usually would do in the evenings.

Evening Runs:
Pros & Cons: For me it fits into my schedule better. Usually after a full day of eating breakfast and lunch, you have more food energy to do an intensive workout, but after a long day of work or school your body & mind are more easily exhaustible. Also if you eat that slice of pizza for lunch, you'll really feel it during the workout, so it kinda sucks having to always remember what foods will affect your run later. Most of the top runners usually train in the morning and evening to get the benefits of both.

You can try to mix it up where you do longer distances in the morning some days, and shorter high intensity workouts in the evenings on other days or vice versa. :)

Hope this helps.
feel free to ask me any other questions you may have with running, I'm glad to help.

Dead Legs?

Hi everybody. I just started a beginner running schedule that should make me able to run 5k in about nine weeks. It very good for me, I guess, because I always had litle endurance.

I just noticed that while running, I feel like my whole weight is in my legs, which is very uncomfortable, and my legs are stirring on the sides. Is that normal? Does it just mean that I am supposed to lose weight (1m70/ 65kg) or is there another reason?

I think heavy legs are largely a factor of not enough circulation to you legs, making them weak & thus feeling heavy.

Try longer warm ups and stretches, (give it about 15 mins) before and after each run to help strengthen your legs (especially since you're just starting out), drink lots of water (during the day, 30-40 mins before you run and after) & potassium helps circulation as well.

Let me know if you want any suggestions on some good stretches. When you warm up, stretch and hold the position for say 10 counts & don't bounce. When you hold the stretch, it allows the body to have time to release lactic acid and etc.

I think I've been through ever leg pain possible, knees, shins, quads, & feet. lol

Also how are your shoes? Improper & heavy shoes will definitely feel like weights on your legs.

Try a cool down after your runs, and a really good 10-15 min session of stretching/yoga or even a steam room+stretching and see if that helps your legs from feeling like lead the next day.

Its just feeling like that due to the lactic build-up which is why your legs feel better after you start running again, because it gets the blood circulating and moving the lactic acid out, which is what a warm up and stretching will help do as well

Hope this helps :)

Happy running.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Cardio Trainer App for Android

Even though I really like the Nike+ system (not the iphone app, but the receiver and shoe sensor),  you can't really use it for non-running activities, like biking or hiking.

This is one of my favorite trainer/working out apps. Its free on Android phones, there is also a paid version too, but the free one does a lot already, and I'm all about free apps.

Cardio Trainer is really great for running, biking, hiking, anything. I think the photos will explain more than I can with words. Really easy to use, and my favorite features are that it will pause on its own when it senses you not moving, so if you stop longer than a second (or any time you set it) it will pause, and resume once you start again.Great for stoplights when your running and biking. Also it gives a good breakdown of your stats, speed, elevation, etc.

Here are a few photos

 History - Here I have Weights, Yoga, Treadmill, and road running.
 GPS map


    Graph of your speed.. I can't figure out how to rotate pictures.. so turn your head to the right :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I'm about ready to give up on this Forefoot running, and go back to my Midfoot strike, where for 2 years, NO problems at all, except I was a bit slower, and used more energy.

Although I like the benefits and feeling of forefoot, my left leg is just NOT getting with the program! Its quite annoying, and I might need to try it again later once I can get some proper feedback on what my left leg is doing wrong.

My left calf is always way sore, and the ankle is unhappy. Just recently, the lower inner shin area has been quite upset. I've had that pain before, but this time its much different, and I'm afraid its more serious.. :(

Do I see my foot and ankle specialist, or a physical therapist, or my general physician?
People say, "see a doctor", but it would be more helpful if they can tell you what specific one to go to.. See a GI doc, see a chiropractor, etc.. There are so many different specialization, you end up having a bunch of different doctors, for all different parts of your body.. I mean its nice to have someone who knows more about that area than another.. but its a pain going to a bunch of different places, and if you go to the wrong place, its another wasted visit.. If i go to my General, who would just refer me to another doctor, that's another day wasted, and you know its takes weeks to get an apt, so more time spent..

Luckily, I have an apt to see my Foot and Ankle specialist,  for Tuesday, hopefully he can tell me that I did not do some serious damage.. hopefully!!! And I Hope that he Can help me, and that he wont just say, oh that's 3 inches above the ankle.. I can't help you there..

Update - Posterior Shin Splint

Monday, January 3, 2011

Apple iTouch 4generation Review

During the Summer, my friend sent me an email link to a Bank of the West promotion. If you open a new account, and did 1 of the following (did 20 debt transactions, a certain # of direct deposits, or a certain # of Bill Pay transaction) anyway, I did the Debit transactions since that was easier than figuring out how to switch my direct deposit over or having to deal with transferring a larger sum of $. Anyway, they promised that the itouch would arrive Just in time for Xmas..

Skeptical, during 5-6 month period, I held up my end of the bargain and waited, and sure enough on Dec 24th, I received my New 4th Generation iTouch. I was pretty amazed that they gave us the new one, that has the camera function.

Cool features:
1 (and practically the BEST) - Nike + receiver already Built in!!! so you don't need to buy one, which usually cost $60 for the kit. Now you just need the sensor which is around $20.

2 - The camera. Now on my runs, when I see some awesome scenery, I can snap a photo.

3 - Wifi - I can upload my run to nike+ easily, my photos to facebook easily, and take screenshots of my Nike+ runs.

Sock Review

I need socks with a lot of cushion, but also not too thick because my feet swell when I run, then my shoes get too tight, then my feet get numb. (I wasn't kidding when I have high maintenance feet).

I would usually wear thick cotton socks for the cushion and sweat absorbing factor, forcing me to  lace my shoes really loose to allow my feet to expand. This wasn't always such a great method because my shoe would fly off at times. 

Thorlo Socks Experia Review

These socks cost a pretty penny, almost $12.50-15, but are really nice. I would like a few more pairs as stocking stuffers.

Pros - these socks have alot of padding in the forefoot and heel and they didn't give me blisters. yay! They were good at absorbing sweat and keeping the feet dry on my 10+ mile runs. I've washed them over 10 times and still pretty cushiony and soft.

It doesn't give much arch support, if you're looking for that tight feeling around your arch.

Nike Performance Cushioned

These offer a  pretty decent lightweight cushioning, although I've only used them for short distances around 5 miles or sprints.  They're thinner, but with some padding on the heel and forefoot.

I don't use them for long runs because they don't absorb sweat as much as the Thorlo which can lead to blisters. But a very good light weight low mileage running sock.

Nike Running Cushioned - Compression Arch Support

A pretty good 5-10 mile run sock. Pretty decent on absorbing and wicking away sweat. I really like the firm arch support this one gives. Now the "arch Support" wont replace needing shoes, but it gives that "Compression" feel when you wear them.

However the bad thing with Nike socks is they dont last very long.. after a few washes the fabric is must stiffer and not as soft as it originally was, and some of the seams are starting to fray.

Now the compression of the sock isn't comparable to an Actual Compression sock, but it is better than a regular sock. But if you're interested in "compression" this isn't the sock for you. Pay the extra and get a real compression sock.
Women's Elite Running Cushioned - Softens the impact

A pretty good alternative to the Thorlo. I wear them on 1-10+ mile runs. A good universal sock for low and high mile runs. The cushion isn't as thick as the Thorlo, but its still a good light weight sock with a good amount of cushion. Been through a 10+ washes and still pretty soft, and hasn't gone paper thin yet.. We'll see how long they will last..