Monday, January 10, 2011

Depo Provera Review

This post is really for the ladies, so guys if you're interested and don't get quesy feel free to read on for some additional information.

Nothing gets in the way of training or racing more than our "lovely" visit from Aunt Flo every 26-28 days. Seriously F-U Aunt Flo, take your present and shove it up your arse..

I don't know how 'she' did it, but for 3-4 consecutive races events, the race day was my first and heaviest flow day, with bloating and cramps galore! I looked at the calendar and it would have started on EVERY SINGLE race day event without wavering, and worse on my Triathlons too!

I was so fed up. I went to my OB asking what can I do to get rid of Aunt Flo, and she recommended the Depo Provera Shot. A few years ago I read up on it, and read all the scary stories and reviews and was pretty freaked out by it. But  my OB assured me that it was safe, so I tried it out. How bad could 3 months be?

BEST DECISION OF 2010!!  So insanly happy that I decided to go with Depo. No more periods. No more heavy flows on race day, no more cramps, all the  $ saved on tampons and pads. At most, I would get a very light period close to when I'm due for my next shot (so around every 3 months) really never need more than a liner to handle it.

You get a shot once every 3 months on your hip. I've had it for almost 12 months, and no side effects, reactions, or anything.
The doctor warned about

1 - increase in water weight, which I dont really notice, at most it would be 5-10 lbs.
2- acne - I can deal with a pimple on race day, I CAN NOT deal with changing tampons at mile 6, 9 &18, etc.
3 - possible bone density loss - So I take calcium pills, to compensate/ combat that.

Ladies if you're fed up with dealing with stupid menstrual cycles, Give Depo a shot :)

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