Monday, January 10, 2011

2009 Camp Pendleton Mud Run

as "Fun" as this race was, I wouldn't do it again. I'm just a little bitter because I got injured on my right foot, that took 6 months to 1 year to completely heal. It sucked for a long while!!

Within the first mile, the race made you cross a creek so your shoes are wet from the start. (yes running in wet shoes suck!)

the first 3-4 miles have similar creek crossings, going up trails and uphills. Not too bad. The last 2-3 miles you start getting into the mud pits, (lovely) and climbing over the walls. I'm really glad I did it with a group, because the guys are taller, were able to help boost us up. Then there was a lake crossing. This particular race, the lake was about 5.5 feet deep, so the boys were able to walk across (no one in my group knew how to swim), so I was able to piggy back off the boys. My friend did this race in 2010 and said the water was much deeper so everyone had to swim.

We finished the race in pretty decent time, but I wish I had brought flip flops to wear. My shoes were so full of rocks and grossness, the trek back to the car was difficult. This is where I got my foot injury. Also wearing old and worn out shoes didn't help either.

People said to use duct tape, but I didn't use it, but I did have my shoes Really tight, which contributed to my foot injury.
all in all, it was fun, but I wouldn't want to do it again..

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