Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cheat Days?

Do you condone or forbid cheat days? 

I love fitness, health, and working out.. but what I love even more? Brownies, cheesecake, and food (plant and animal)!

I went to a seminar where a very well respected author and weight loss doctor talked about his extremely stringent diet that he holds himself and with his patients. He did water fasting (fasting for days to weeks with just water), and only ate veggies, rice and beans. Beans were his sole source of protein. 

What really shocked me, was that he compared "cheat days" the same as giving a recovering alcoholic a drink. 

I know his methods do work, but I believe through the power of training and fitness, you learn self control and you learn how eat right. And with that control, I believe you can have that snack, dessert, 'cheat day'. 

I understand its important to watch what you eat to perform at your best, except the Michael Phelps diet, but we're not all training to be Olympic athletes, and whats the point of doing all that if you can't enjoy the simple brownie bites in life. 

Train hard, and don't forget to treat yourself :)