Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Running Shoes and the introduction of Asics 2160

Finally a new pair of shoes! Its been way long overdue for a new pair, and for me, a new brand!

I've been a Nike lover ever since.. forever.. and I still love Nike, but it was time for a change. 

I've gone through 4 generations of the Nike Equalons. They're a very good stability + shoe  but my last pair of Equalons just didn't do it for me anymore. My plantar fasciitis would always be acting up with my Equalons. My feet would feel numb around mile 2-3, and then it would go away. 

Some reason I felt that going to a softer shoe would feel better. So I started training in my Nike Lunars. Yes, the soft soles felt great, but the lack of support really make ankle unhappy. 

I brought up these concerns at my local RoadRunner Sports store, and the guy recommended me the Asics 2160. 

Immediately the shoe felt great on my ankle, so I bought them. The thing I love most about Road Runner Sports is that you can try out the shoe for 90 days, and if the shoe isn't right, you and exchange it for another. Its the perfect way to find your perfect shoe! 

I've been on two 5 milers with the Asics and so far so good. My feet haven't felt numb, and my plantar feels great. 

After these shoes get more broken in, I'm excited to see how a long run will feel.

happy running. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to clean your swim goggles

Goggles SAVED!! super happy about this, I almost had to go buy a new pair.

** fyi** For me, this was a last-ditch effrot to clean my goggles or buy a new pair, so I had nothing to lose and tried it all. 
If you are at that point, this choice is up to you. I do not know much about goggles, coating, etc. Procede if you see fit. Thanks!** 

I do rinse and clean my goggles after each use, (pool and ocean) but over time this opaque cloudy stuff covered up my lens and I tried many remedies which did Not work, except One, which was 100% Sucessful!

The cloudy film is buildup from all the stuff in the water when you swim. What it is exactly, I don't know, but I'm sure somewhere on Google will have the exact answer.

The Cloudy Goggles

Methods that Didn't Work:

Method 1: Baby shampoo/gentle shampoo, scrub with sponge and fingers. (Didn't Work)
I think this method works well for maintenance, to prevent the cloudy build up, but if the cloudy build up is already there, this didn't do anything at all
No difference - notice how you cant see the bottle scrubber thru the lens

Method 2:  Toothpaste: I had high hopes, but this again didn't do anything at all.
No difference

Method 3:   Dishwashing Soap and baking soda: Nothing
No difference

Successful Method- VINEGAR!!

Method 4: Water and White vinegar. 
I soaked my goggles in hot water, and added some vinegar to it, about 4 or 5 tablespoons and had it soak for about 2 hours. Online people mentioned 50/50 water and vinegar, but I used less and it worked AMAZINGLY!! 

Step 1: Make a solution of Hot water + White Vinegar ( I used 4-5 tablespoons, but other people online used more, experiment and see what works for you)
Step 2: Soak the lens (I did 2 hours - experiment with the length of time for yours) 

So happy I don't have to buy a new pair of goggles. 

Side notes: 
1: After rinsing, My goggles did not smell. But if your's do, I'm sure the smell will dissipate in time as vinegar usually does. 
2: I do not know what this will do to goggle coatings, as mine did not have any. 
3: I attempted these methods as a last ditch effort because I was already prepared to buy new goggles, and I had nothing to lose. Please proceed at your discretion. 

Look how clean they are!

Notice how you can see the scrubber now as opposed to the picture in Method 1! 

The magic formula..

Thursday, September 1, 2011

10 Days til 70.3 and beyond..

Yes I'm a little freaked... 10 days to my first 70.3.. and I'm really not at where I'm "supposed" to be at in my training..

Its not like I can cram 2 hours before a midterm.. I can't make my muscles heal or get stronger any faster.. So I've accepted that, right now I can't really improve much more, all I can do is  just maintain.

I'm really not looking to place, I just want to finish the race before the cutoff times.. which at my current pace, I'm right on the border...

All I want is to finish it.. nothing more, nothing less.. just to cross the line.

I am looking very forward to when this is all over.. I'm going to take a break from training. As much as I love tri training and running.. I miss doing other things, and so does my body..

I'm excited for what I do have planned in the upcoming months once my 70.3 is done, and my last two 13.1's in Oct.

I signed up for
Boot camp class. I want to build up some good muscles,
Master Swim - become a better swimmer
A yoga marathon, I want to do 90 days of yoga
Krav Maga and Jujitsu which I started but didn't have enough time to really get into it
and finally, Ballet because it just looks fun.

I'll still enjoy running, biking and swimming, but it'll be nice to have time to just enjoy the activities and be stressed on if I'm hitting my pace or cadence.
Its gonna be a great 2012!