Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Running Shoes and the introduction of Asics 2160

Finally a new pair of shoes! Its been way long overdue for a new pair, and for me, a new brand!

I've been a Nike lover ever since.. forever.. and I still love Nike, but it was time for a change. 

I've gone through 4 generations of the Nike Equalons. They're a very good stability + shoe  but my last pair of Equalons just didn't do it for me anymore. My plantar fasciitis would always be acting up with my Equalons. My feet would feel numb around mile 2-3, and then it would go away. 

Some reason I felt that going to a softer shoe would feel better. So I started training in my Nike Lunars. Yes, the soft soles felt great, but the lack of support really make ankle unhappy. 

I brought up these concerns at my local RoadRunner Sports store, and the guy recommended me the Asics 2160. 

Immediately the shoe felt great on my ankle, so I bought them. The thing I love most about Road Runner Sports is that you can try out the shoe for 90 days, and if the shoe isn't right, you and exchange it for another. Its the perfect way to find your perfect shoe! 

I've been on two 5 milers with the Asics and so far so good. My feet haven't felt numb, and my plantar feels great. 

After these shoes get more broken in, I'm excited to see how a long run will feel.

happy running. 


  1. Nice blog! I've just gone from ASICs to Nike shoes. It's so important to run in something that really suits you, I think.

  2. Hey Lily,

    I used to run in ASICS exclusively until I injured my left knee. ASICS tend to run smaller and appear more narrow to me.

    I now run in Nike and occasionally in Adidas trail shoes too.

    It sounds like you've found a good match for your feet. That's so important. I hope they continue to work.


  3. Hi Ken!
    Actually on my last few runs, I've been sensing that the shoes are a little narrow. I get alot of rubbing around my arch area.

    I'm gonna give it a few more runs with a new insole to see if it helps, but I might have to switch them out. I saw on the ASICS's site that they do make the 2160's in a wide version, so that one will be my next trial if these don't work out.
    Great thing that RoadRunner will let me switch them :)
    Happy running!

  4. I totally need new shoes! I'm thinking of Asics, that's my BF' favorite brand too. Do you still like them?