Wednesday, October 5, 2011

9/11/2011 - Superfrog Triathlon 70.3 Review

Honestly I've been a little hesitant about writing this review. As much as  I am happy to have completed my first 70.3, I really wasn't ready to mentally re-live parts of this race.

As I crossed the finish line, my boyfriend asked me,
Kevin: "So what did you learn about your first 70.3?"
me: "These people are crazy! and I am one of them."

I was completely Unprepared for the swim. Not for the distance, but for the Waves. Fast, large, hard waves rolling in one right after the other, non stop. It was hard to find a lull. Once I got any distance, another wave just Threw me right back. I was really frightened that I wouldn't make it, and you had to do 2 loops. You race in, break through the waves, swim across, back to shore, Run back to the starting area, and do it again.

Tough.. it was a nightmare... (note to self - I'm not doing another ocean tri like that )

Not bad. 4 loops (got a little boring, but predictable)
1 way you are against the wind, the way back, the wind is behind you, giving you a nice little push.
I'm not a fast biker, I try, but my average pace is about 15-16.
1st loop,
First length, I was averaging a nice 16-17mph, not bad,
On the way back, I averaged about 20+.
2nd loop, a little slower but still on pace, about 16-18
on the way back, I was able to make up some time still getting 19-20mph
3rd loop,. the head winds started to kick in, and I averaged 14-15
on the way back, about 16-17
4th loop, maybe due to my fatigue and the stronger head winds, I averaged about 14, and at my slowest points with the strongest wind, I was going about 12mph... very slow..
on the way back about 15.

There was its AWESOME volunteer who would always cheer me on. He was on older man, he stood with his yellow volunteer shirt near one of the last inclines on the bridge. He would always yell out my number and say great things. He always made me smile when I passed him.

My 4th loop was hard, but I just told myself, all I had to do was see the old man again. Just make it to see the old man, and I'll be done.. my legs spinned on.. and my only thought was to see the old man again. And when I finally made it to the bridge, he was gone. "Awe" but it was ok, I had reached the end, and I was happy.

 I brought my massage stick to lossen up my quads and hammy-ies and I trotted off. Running on sand kinda sucks.. and made my nice white shoes very dirty. I was tired. I played a game with myself, I would run for 3 songs, and walk 1 song on my ipod. That went on for a few miles.  Until I was down to run 1 song, walk 1 song. My friend Connie came to meet me at mile 4 and we ran together. She was a bandit, sort of, but it was really nice to have had her there.
We trotted along.. Near mile 8 I couldn't run anymore. I could have pushed myself, but I felt a bad feeling in my chest, it was a new feeling to me, and I know it wasn't good. I didn't want to have a stroke or heart attack, so I walked until mile 12. I decided to save all my energy to run the last mile.
There was a group of us walking or slow jogging near the end. about 10 of us. We would take turns passing eachother.
They slow jogged and walked, I just walked. I didn't try to jog. I'm kinda glad I did because I had enough energy to run the last mile, where I ended up passing them at the end.
(Note to self : slow jogging kinda doesn't get you very far)

It was a relief to cross that finish line and to get my medal.
I took so long that most people had already left. I did 7 hours and 16 mins. My bike was the last one in the Wave 2 transition area.

I wont be doing this race again in the near future, unless I become a stronger swimmer and learn how to body surf.


  1. Wow, well done on finishing a tough race. I am in awe of anyone who completes a 70.3 so I think you did great!

  2. Good job. I don't think I could ever make the swim to even finish one of these.

  3. hi! I am doing Super Frog next first 70.3.. I'm very nervous (and slower than you!) and I appreciated this post. Question...I thought iPods were not allowed. They were ok with you using them on the run?

  4. I thought that headphones weren't allowed? I am doing SuperFrog this year (my first 70.3) and am wondering if I can wear mine.

    1. You can wear them for the run portion.