Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wanna lose weight? Try the Chipotle diet

I call this the "Chipotle diet", it has no connection with the company, just something I made up.

Why Chipotle is awesome
1 - ~600calorie Chicken Bowl.
pinto beans
onions and peppers
(NO Guacamole)
(NO Cheese)

This bowl is massive, and will fill you up. Also its only about  600 calories. Its a great way to cut calories without feeling hungry.

The Diet: 
Breakfast (200 cals) - Cereal or Oatmeal
Lunch (600 cals) - Chipotle chicken bowl
Dinner (600 cals) - Chipotle chicken bowl
Total = 1400 Cals/day
Breakfast (200 cals) - Cereal or Oatmeal
Lunch (200 cals) - Cereal or Oatmeal or Salad
Dinner (600 cals) - Chipotle chicken bowl
Total = 1000 Cals/day

*fyi, its really important to get the Chicken Bowl.
NOT the Burrito and definitely NOT the side of chips and salsa. Those will easily bring you way up and over the 1000+ calorie marker. If you want guac, you can splurge on it, its an additional 150 calories.

2 - Tastes Great
The Chicken bowl has a variety of flavors all in 1 place. Most of the time people get "sick" of a dish because the flavors are too repetitive, too salty, or saucy, spicy, etc. There is no variation. Like a plate of  spaghetti. Its the same marina sauce and same noodle from beginning to end.

But with the chicken bowl, you have rice which is a little bland, with the chicken that is salty, the lettuce which is refreshing, salsa that adds a little spicy, and corn that is sweet. Every bite is a different sensation, making it very un-boring.

3 - Price
Its about $6. And its much more healthier and filling than a $5 Subway sandwich. (with Subway, I'm hungry in about 20 mins)

So, Try the Chipotle diet, even just a a day or two a week. It will help dramatically cut down your average weekly caloric intake.

Nutritional facts via 

If you normally consume 2000 calories a day - to lose a pound, is about 3000 calories. 

If you do the Chipotle diet twice a week (cutting out 600 calories a day), you cut out 1200 calories a week. 
So in 3 weeks, you will lose 1 pound, without changing your regular routine. 

Happy Eating! 


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