Friday, October 21, 2011

Nike Women's Marathon 2011 review

Finally after 3 years of trying win the lottery to get into this race, 2011, this was my year!

I was bummed my friend Connie didn't get picked for the lottery, but each year, a month before the race, Nike gives you a 2nd chance to get in.
So a month before the race, Nike sends me an email saying I can invite 1 friend to run the race with a special promo code. So Connie was able to run the race with me. Yay!

I booked a hotel, the Union Square Plaza Hotel, which was right next to the start line. Actually the bag check area was right out side the hotel.
The hotel is really small, almost like a motel 6. But it was cheap and close.

The start line was pretty much impossible to get to. Nike should reorganize that part next year. At the bag pick up, they stressed to everyone that we needed to wear these wristbands that showed which colored corrals we had to be in, and to "make sure" we followed our color.
Well it was pretty much impossible to find the corrals (if they even existed) and to get to the corrals was impossible with 22k women and men in 1 area.

When the race started, it took about 20 mins to get to the start line, and we were off.
The course was beautiful, and hilly! If you have a free hand and dont mind carrying a camera or phone, there are some great photo opportunities. But I was concerned about shaving off seconds, so I didn't stop.

Also its gets tricky dodging lots of walkers on the hills as well. People love to walk in a line forming the great wall.

At the finish line and receiving our lovely blue Tiffany box, I was so excited to rip open the box and see my "medal"

It was all worth it!

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