Friday, October 21, 2011

Run Long Beach 2011 Review

The last race of my beach cities series (Huntington Surf City, OC , and Long Beach)

This year it was a little more difficult getting to the race parking, but we found our way. FYI if you're planning on doing this race, set aside extra driving time because the roads get really backed up, and the best way is to take side streets and not the main exit which they tell you to take. GPS really helps too.

The race was good, really flat. They have all the full and half marathoners start at the same time, so it gets pretty crowded with almost 20k people but overall not bad.

I felt bad that not even to the first mile, I saw an older woman collapse. She had her team assisting her, and shortly after, I saw an ambulance coming, so I assume it was for her. I hope shes ok.

At the end of the race, you pick up your Long Beach medal, and then you have to go out the exit area to pick up the Beach Cities medal. There was a long line, almost an hour wait. They should have planned that part better. After waiting for 10-15 mins, a woman from the start of the line walks to us, (near the end) and says, "You dont have to wait, just go up the table and give them your ticket."

I'm really glad she told us that, because waiting an hour would have totally sucked.

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