Monday, November 14, 2011

Can you run away from a cold?

Recently life has gotten hectic, which means running and training has been moved very far down the list of priorities. School, work and moving. This past month, if I wasn't at work or cramming for a test, I was spending every second packing and now unpacking. 

Not running for almost over a month has been havoc on my immune system, and now I'm down with a nasty cold and tonsillitis. So, on top of unpacking, cramming for tests, and work, now I have to do it all being sick and tired, which pounding headaches and a sore throat that prevent me from eating. :( 

But it made me think, when was the last time I got sick? Its been a while. 
I know running keeps my immune system up, even if I'm running in the rain or the cold winter days, I feel that I am invincible. 

I think this is the karma telling me that no matter how busy life gets, always make time to run. Else, I'll be stuck with an ear infection and wads of tissues for 2 weeks.

So.. can you run away from a cold.
I believe you can.