Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Run Less, Run Faster - Session 1

Runner's World Run Less, Run Faster: Become a Faster, Stronger Runner with the Revolutionary FIRST Training Program (Runners World)  My friend gave me this book for my birthday, and its something I've been striving to do ever since my first race - Run faster. Why? Not so I can win a race, or prove anything, its merely so I can spend less time running!! As much as I love running, I do love other things in life too, like eating, or swimming. Spending 4-5 hours running, every Sunday morning isn't always ideal. Once in a while its ok, but all the time gets a bit draining. Now if I can cut that down to 3 hours, now we're talkin!!

So I started the Half marathon training program listed in the book.
The first workout are timed intervals, (I usually don't train with a watch, so this was difficult for me to figure out how fast I was supposed to be running)

10 - 20 min warm up,
12x400 @9.15/min pace, 90 sec RI (rest interval)
10 min cool down.

Actually using the "Dreadmill" aka (treadmill) worked out really well. It was easy to set the pace and make my legs go. I ended up on the Dreadmill for over an hour. I've Never spent that much time on a treadmill, usually I'm bored out of my mind after 20 mins and I'm dying to get on the pavement.

For me, Interval training and focusing on the distance really helped make the time go by much faster (instead of focusing on the time), because 400meters later I'd have to switch up the pace.

I've always read so many articles of how to "have fun" on the treadmill, and I actually did!

Lets see if I'm faster after 18 weeks.


  1. i really want to get this book

  2. I want you to run less too. We need to hang out...

  3. Have you heard of a "gymboss"? It is a great little device and really helps w/interval training. It is small like a pager/beeper and can clip to your clothes.


    P.s. I heard about your blog from Kim posting it on FB.

  4. Thanks Bianca,
    I'm gonna check it out!