Monday, January 3, 2011

Sock Review

I need socks with a lot of cushion, but also not too thick because my feet swell when I run, then my shoes get too tight, then my feet get numb. (I wasn't kidding when I have high maintenance feet).

I would usually wear thick cotton socks for the cushion and sweat absorbing factor, forcing me to  lace my shoes really loose to allow my feet to expand. This wasn't always such a great method because my shoe would fly off at times. 

Thorlo Socks Experia Review

These socks cost a pretty penny, almost $12.50-15, but are really nice. I would like a few more pairs as stocking stuffers.

Pros - these socks have alot of padding in the forefoot and heel and they didn't give me blisters. yay! They were good at absorbing sweat and keeping the feet dry on my 10+ mile runs. I've washed them over 10 times and still pretty cushiony and soft.

It doesn't give much arch support, if you're looking for that tight feeling around your arch.

Nike Performance Cushioned

These offer a  pretty decent lightweight cushioning, although I've only used them for short distances around 5 miles or sprints.  They're thinner, but with some padding on the heel and forefoot.

I don't use them for long runs because they don't absorb sweat as much as the Thorlo which can lead to blisters. But a very good light weight low mileage running sock.

Nike Running Cushioned - Compression Arch Support

A pretty good 5-10 mile run sock. Pretty decent on absorbing and wicking away sweat. I really like the firm arch support this one gives. Now the "arch Support" wont replace needing shoes, but it gives that "Compression" feel when you wear them.

However the bad thing with Nike socks is they dont last very long.. after a few washes the fabric is must stiffer and not as soft as it originally was, and some of the seams are starting to fray.

Now the compression of the sock isn't comparable to an Actual Compression sock, but it is better than a regular sock. But if you're interested in "compression" this isn't the sock for you. Pay the extra and get a real compression sock.
Women's Elite Running Cushioned - Softens the impact

A pretty good alternative to the Thorlo. I wear them on 1-10+ mile runs. A good universal sock for low and high mile runs. The cushion isn't as thick as the Thorlo, but its still a good light weight sock with a good amount of cushion. Been through a 10+ washes and still pretty soft, and hasn't gone paper thin yet.. We'll see how long they will last..


  1. Lily,

    Hi. I actually prefer regular medium thickness cotton socks rather than special socks like the ones you have posted. I don't have any Experia ones though. I wonder if the Nike socks can be affected by using bleach in the wash?

    Maybe I'll use some of my Christmas money and treat myself to a Experia pair to try out.

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog and say hello.


  2. Hi Ken,
    I used to just use the regular cotton ones, but those never seemed to last. No bleach in the water. The socks would get really rough and thinned out, only after a few washes. Many different brands. So I couldn't use them for running because they would give me blisters, So I decided to try out these new ones. So far so good :)

    I hope you like the Experia ones, they offer the thickness, without the bulk. :)