Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Corona Del Mar

The Quotable Runner: Great Moments of Wisdom, Inspiration, Wrongheadedness, and Humor My friend recently gave me this book for my birthday. I love running quotes, and this was perfect.

Although its not all fun and games, the author sprinkled in a few, what he calls "detractors and reactors" type of quotes, things non-runners say, which is kinda cool. 

One quote was:
"Its unnatural for people to run around on city streets unless they are thieves or victims.."-Mike Royko

This is all too true almost every time I run, and I think its true for most people, unless you live in a city where people run and everything is runner friendly or bike friendly.

Like its 1000% clear that I'm just jogging, I have workout clothes and a water bottle, My hair is tied up with a hat or visor, yet people still look at your like you're an alien, or you're up to no good. Sometimes I envision myself getting shot from the police because they mistaken my water bottle as a gun, and my water belt as a holster.

At times I really would like to move to a city where exercise was accepted it. Where people don't try to kill you for being in the bike lane, or Honk at you when you're running on the streets. Where people don't feel threatened because you are exercising. Which is why I would Love to live in Corona Del Mar, one day.....

I train down in Corona Del Mar (about a 40 min drive) and I always say that those are "my" people. They're up at 5am on a Saturday and already clocked a few miles on their bike or on the pavement. Its really amazing and heart warming. These people do what I do, all the time & more hard core, and its the whole city. In CDM, you won't have the conversation with someone, "Why do you run" instead it would be "When do you run? Can I join you?"

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