Monday, January 3, 2011

Apple iTouch 4generation Review

During the Summer, my friend sent me an email link to a Bank of the West promotion. If you open a new account, and did 1 of the following (did 20 debt transactions, a certain # of direct deposits, or a certain # of Bill Pay transaction) anyway, I did the Debit transactions since that was easier than figuring out how to switch my direct deposit over or having to deal with transferring a larger sum of $. Anyway, they promised that the itouch would arrive Just in time for Xmas..

Skeptical, during 5-6 month period, I held up my end of the bargain and waited, and sure enough on Dec 24th, I received my New 4th Generation iTouch. I was pretty amazed that they gave us the new one, that has the camera function.

Cool features:
1 (and practically the BEST) - Nike + receiver already Built in!!! so you don't need to buy one, which usually cost $60 for the kit. Now you just need the sensor which is around $20.

2 - The camera. Now on my runs, when I see some awesome scenery, I can snap a photo.

3 - Wifi - I can upload my run to nike+ easily, my photos to facebook easily, and take screenshots of my Nike+ runs.


  1. That's awesome! I have to open a US bank account, I wonder if I can find a deal like that too!