Thursday, January 27, 2011

Running in Silence

Lately I've been in search  to be more spiritual.

I've been trying to meditate to make sense of my thoughts but its hard to tune yourself out. After a few failed attempts, I remembered I was really good a tuning myself out while I was running without music.So yesterday I did a good 4-5 mile run, in silence, and it was so freeing.

Now its Not easy to start off running long distance without music, if its something you're used to. Trust me.

I did Not start voluntarily. It started 1 day my ipod wasn't charged all the way, another day, I forgot to bring it, another day, the stupid thing started to die mid run. Now when this happened, I didn't handle it well. I would seriously "sabotage" my run, so it would end early and I could avoid running without music. My 5 mile runs would turn to be 1 mile, looking back, it was kinda pathetic of me. haha

I started off with a few miles, here and there. As my Ipod would die more and more often, I would get so frustrated at it, I just stopped bringing it altogether.

Eventually, I started to appreciate running with out music. Its a very "interesting" feeling. The best way I can describe it when you're driving home really late, and you're really tired, and you got home, but you have no recollection of "How" you got home. Your body knew how to drive home, even though your mind wasn't fully into it.

That's kinda how it is. I finished a 10+ mile run, and didn't even realize the time that goes by. Its actually quite amazing on what you find out when you're alone with your thoughts and just space out.
I've come up with so many "Million Dollar Ideas" only to race home and google that its already been invented. haha! one day.. one will work..

In September/October, I bought the new Ipod Nano  Apple iPod nano 16 GB Graphite (6th Generation) NEWEST MODEL the one like this.

Its a fabulous device because its small, and can clip onto your shirt. So for the past few months I've been so addicted to it, I haven't ran without music and actually that concept completely eluded me.

So now, on my long runs, I plan to put the nano down, and be alone with my thoughts..

lets see what "peace" it can bring.


  1. Hey Lily,

    I've never run with music. I also let my mind wander and try to solve problems or come up with ideas. I find it especially meditative when I run long on a rail trail, out in nature. I'm not talking about technical trails though. If I don't concentrate on my footing the entire run I'm sure to take several diggers along the way.

    I find during my long rail trail runs a very creative side of me beginning to seep out. It's relaxing, yet stimulating. It must be those endorphins kicking in.

    I also run in the city during the week so I need to be heads up. Music in the ears just doesn't allow you to be as aware of your surroundings, especially rogue drivers around.


  2. Hi Ken,
    Yes it really helps open up your mind, its quite amazing. So many questions I had were "answered", in a way. Things that were convoluted, suddenly started to make sense.

    It feels pretty great :)


  3. Lily,

    I'm glad the non-music way of running is beginning to work for you. Keep it going.