Monday, January 10, 2011

Food and Timing

Back in highschool, I always recall a certain conversation I heard from a male teacher. I cant remember who said it but he said this phrase that alwas stuck with me to this day.
He said: "oh yea, i love going to bed hungry, like on an empty stomach. That feels great." And several students agreed, tooth and nail. I always found it odd.

To this day I try my best not to be famished going to bed, because I end up having wildly vivid dreams of food and me eating but never satisfied. Usually the dreams will end with me biting my tongue, literally.

I had a meal around 430 today and it threw off my eating sched. I wasnt hungry for dinner and believed I could go without food until tomorrow morning. I was a little excited to have saved the calories, except 10 mins in bed around 12am, I'm hungry, and getting rapidly close to famished.

My stomach is quite comical because there is no slow buildup to hunger status. It goes from "no, im not hungry" to "I need food now, or I'm gonna faint!" in the span of 15 mins. It sounds a little diabetic, but its just my weird body.

Lots of people think eating before 7 or whatever time, is the way to lose weight. But studies have shown timing has nothing to do with it. People who start the "no eating after # o clock" and lose weight, is mainly due to them just consuming fewer calories. They are more conscious of what they eat and if they stop eating at a certain time, they just stop intaking as many calories.

If you are watching what you eat and your intake, dont feel bad if you grab a nibble at midnight. It wont destroy your waistline.

Anyways I always think food tastes insanely better at and after midnight. No wonder people love eating leftovers at that time. I really wonder what is it? Are our tastebuds heightened by the tides?

As I gorge myself, the voice of my HS teacher with his sentence "I love sleeping on a empty stomach" replays in my head.

He obviously has no tastebuds and is a robot.
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