Thursday, January 6, 2011

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I'm about ready to give up on this Forefoot running, and go back to my Midfoot strike, where for 2 years, NO problems at all, except I was a bit slower, and used more energy.

Although I like the benefits and feeling of forefoot, my left leg is just NOT getting with the program! Its quite annoying, and I might need to try it again later once I can get some proper feedback on what my left leg is doing wrong.

My left calf is always way sore, and the ankle is unhappy. Just recently, the lower inner shin area has been quite upset. I've had that pain before, but this time its much different, and I'm afraid its more serious.. :(

Do I see my foot and ankle specialist, or a physical therapist, or my general physician?
People say, "see a doctor", but it would be more helpful if they can tell you what specific one to go to.. See a GI doc, see a chiropractor, etc.. There are so many different specialization, you end up having a bunch of different doctors, for all different parts of your body.. I mean its nice to have someone who knows more about that area than another.. but its a pain going to a bunch of different places, and if you go to the wrong place, its another wasted visit.. If i go to my General, who would just refer me to another doctor, that's another day wasted, and you know its takes weeks to get an apt, so more time spent..

Luckily, I have an apt to see my Foot and Ankle specialist,  for Tuesday, hopefully he can tell me that I did not do some serious damage.. hopefully!!! And I Hope that he Can help me, and that he wont just say, oh that's 3 inches above the ankle.. I can't help you there..

Update - Posterior Shin Splint

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