Monday, February 27, 2012

Ruptured Achilles Tendon - Day 2

So first thing Monday morning, I called and we were able to get an appointment Monday afternoon with the orthopedic surgeon. Terrific :)

Dr. Smith performed a few special tests and felt that it is a full tear, but he wanted an MRI to confirm. However my PPO Aetna insurance company was being very difficult. It was seriously a 2+ hour ordeal just to schedule an MRI.
(I have had an MRI before under my other insurance, United Health Care, and it was so easy to obtain an MRI the same or next day. Not Aetna)
The MRI office wanted an approval code from our doctor, which the doctor would need to obtain from Aetna,. However, Aetna needed a procedure code from the MRI company to give the approval code. But the MRI company wouldn't give the code without the doctor's tax ID number. But the doctor didn't know his tax ID number, because he works for the hospital. So, the doctor had to call the very unresponsive hospital admin to give the tax-id number. FINALLY, everyone had all the #'s they needed. Then Aetna had to ask a billion questions to the doctor, "Whats his range of motion? Is this a prior injury? etc" Finally, they said it would take 1-2 days to give the approval for an MRI.
Honestly, the doctor says it needs surgery, and you (the insurance company) need to approve an MRI? WTF?

Kevin said he felt the pain was more manageable. At least it wasn't getting worse. He doesn't use his crutches much around the house and doesn't elevate his leg as much as he should.

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