Saturday, December 7, 2013

A So-Cal Girl's Guide to Running in the Rain

Being in Southern California, we luckily have awesome weather almost all year round. I applaud the brave souls that experience real 'seasons' and have to run in the rain, snow and ice. However, sometimes we do experience this strange clear liquid falling from the sky every now and then, (I hear it's called Rain).

Oh what to do? :) 

1- What to wear? 
Look for active-wear designed to repel  rain and wind. My go to line is the Adidas ClimaWarm line. Recently, Nike has stepped it up their winter line with their   Thermaflex line which is now pretty decent. Today I wore: 

Bottom: Adidas Climawarm running tights (they have a fleece-like material on the inside)
Top: Nike Thermaflex top (wind and rain repellent)  
Outer: Nike Running Gloves, hat and a Pearl Izumi outer shell (Rain repellent)  
The shell is pretty fantastic. It's light weight and vented but also keeps the heat in.  (It's actually a cycling jacket but it still works for running). 
Wearing a hat with a bill will help keep the rain out of your eyes and face and keep your head warm (you lose a lot of body heat from your head).

2: Tunes:
Blast some kick ass music. When I stepped out the door, Pandora was playing  Sia-Titanium  and that song will make you feel invincible! Especially the chorus
 "I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose ...
You shoot me down but I won't fall
I am titanium" 
You will be shaking your fist saying "F-U rain! You can't stop me!" 

3: Ventilation, when things heat up: 
Once you start running your body temp will rise and the clothes are designed to retain your body heat. If you start getting too warm, don't take off your layers yet. (You're sweaty and you will get super cold.) 
First roll up your sleeves a little bit to  expose your wrists. Since this is the location of an artery it will cool down the rest of your body. If you're still too warm, expose your neck line (the carotid artery). If you're still burning up then take off a layer, but in this weather the wrist and neck should be enough.

4: Keep Moving 
Your body temp is regulated by your movement. If you stop too long (to take some pictures and blog about it), the body temperature will fall and you will be cold. But what's worse you'll be sweaty, wet, and cold (really the worst kind of cold to be in). If you need a break try to keep walking rather stopping completely. 

5: Smile
Just know that E V E R Y O N E (cars and people) will all be thinking "damn that's a hardcore runner!" 

Happy Rain-Running!

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