Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do you give up or Do you Push?

Ever since I could put one foot in front of the other, my Dad always dragged my sister and I to our local school to run laps, and I HATED IT.

All I wanted to do was to play on the jungle gym or ride my bike, but he made us run.

I never appreciated running until 5th grade, when I was able to run faster than all the other kids. It was pretty sweet earning the title as the fastest 5th grader in class! Then puberty hit in 6th grade and the other kids started getting taller, and I remained short. No longer did I win races anymore, I was defeated and running sucked.

Running became a chore but my failsafe activity to not participate in organized sports, (Always being the last kid to be picked on the team, and I don't blame anyone, I wouldn't even pick myself. I really suck at sports). After I was pretty sure I didn't make the HS tennis team, I took a lonely trek to the locker room, where I met my future CC coach, (Coach Ware) posting up signs to join the Cross Country team. Selling point - No one gets cut! I was really excited to join Cross Country and Track to avoid getting a 'B' in PE and lowering my GPA (Yes I was "That" nerd!)

What originated as my backup plan became the main driving force of my life today.

I love running, the physical and the mental aspect of it. You push your body and your mind to the brink, and you never give up.

After winning the 1 mile, my teammate said to me, "It hurts, but its only 5 minutes of pain, but for the Rest of my life, It's glory!"

Running teaches you so much about life and how to live life. Running is never "easy" but you work hard and you push through and you cross that finish line and you WILL Always reach your goal.

As hard as life may get at times, the pain is only temporary. Life is never easy and things don't always go your way. Do you give up or Do you push?

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