Thursday, June 17, 2010


Pretty much everyone, including myself is guilty of not drinking enough water at one point or another. 
I hated water before. I would say, "I hate the taste" and people respond, "but it taste like nothing" 

Now I'm one of 'those' people saying the same thing. Water really does taste like nothing. Here are tips to start drinking more water. Gradually build up to 2 liters daily. 

1: 1 liter bottle - Get a 1 liter bottle, fill it up, and carry it around with you. You will constantly see how much you've drank and how much more you need to go. Also, you tend to drink more when the bottle is sitting in front of your face. 

2: Lemons - Cut up lemon slices into your 1 liter bottle. Lemons cover up any "funky" water taste and the lemons are a great way to detox your kidney and liver. 2 birds with 1 stone!  Make friends with a neighbor who has a lemon tree. Trust me, they can't wait to unload. 

After a few months of drinking Lemon slices +Water, I ended up getting too lazy to cut up the lemons and just started drinking plain 'Water' and its really not that shabby. :)

"HOW" much water should you drink while training? 

A good estimate is to weigh yourself naked before you work out, do 1 hour training, then weigh yourself right after. Usually people lose ~ 1 lbs in sweat. Take what you lost, convert that to ounces, and drink that much in water during your workout. 1lbs = 16 ounces ~ 16 ounces of water. 

To avoid needing to pee in the middle of your workout, take small sips periodically every few minutes. Some people sip every 20 secs. The theory is you replenish just enough for what your body has and will expel so its in constant rejuvenation. If your racing against the clock, a bathroom break ( #1, #2 or #3) is the last thing you need. 

*if  you feel light headed after a workout, its a sign you aren't drinking enough water before and during your workout.

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