Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Germs, Germs, Germs!

I haven't gotten "ill - ill" in quite some time since my training. I really attribute my training to keeping me healthy.

Training and exercising really helps to reduce your chances of getting sick. However it can increase it as well, because you expose yourself to unpleasant germs without realizing it. (All the germs in the gym, pool, or publicly touched areas)

Yesterday an hour or so after my run, my throat glands started to swell up. For me, that's the first thing that always signals to me that I've caught a bug, and immediate action is needed before a full blown malady kicks in.

I was really confused on "How" I caught it. I didn't come across any people, and I work at home. Then I remembered, the Cross walk buttons! Damn those things. I need to use my elbows next time! Ugh! how annoying!

Let see if I can get rid of this before it multiplies.

1 - Water, and lots of it.
2 -  1000 mg of Vit C every hour,
3 - Orange juice
4 - Ginger - Slices of ginger root and hot water
5 - some Zinc and Vit B - not too much.


Vit C

Thin slices of ginger root
Ginger Root


  1. So far so good. Its looking promising.
    I started taking vit c right at my first sign of an ailment around 30 hours ago. Lots of water, juice and ginger. This morning woke up feeling a little worse. Amped up the vit c 1000 each hour and periodically 500 each 1/2 hour. About 24 hours after my first sign my glands are almost back to normal.

    Gonna continue and see what tomorrow brings.

  2. About 40 hours in, and I'm about 95% better. Throat glands are pretty much back to normal.

    I've been avoiding Coffee, which is my absolute love, so I can't wait to have some coffee tomorrow. I will still avoid it today, and just ginger tea it up.


  3. I love ginger. I will try that the next time I feel on the verge too. Great tip!