Thursday, December 16, 2010

Time vrs Distance

Most people already set it in their minds that they can't run a mile, that it would physically be impossible for them to do so.

I've heard, "I will die", "My legs will fall off", "it will take me hours to run 1 mile"

1 mile can sound pretty daunting,
But instead of thinking in terms of Distance, just go for Time.

Just say,
"Today I'll run for 5 mins." 
"Today, I'll run for 10 mins"
"Today, I'll run for 15 mins"

It doesn't sound so bad right?

And the plus side, usually people can run 1 mile in 15 mins or less, so you've conquered your greatest feat in just 15 mins.

Happy Running!


  1. If I can walk a mile in 20 minutes then I know I can run a mile. I didn't know until just last night how much 5 minutes worth of running is. I start running in 5 minute increments tomorrow.

  2. That's awesome Kim! Keep it up :-D

    Happy Running!