Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lap Swimming Etiquette

Being new to swimming (about 2-3 years), I had a lot to learn, but some things just seem to be common sense, like Pool Etiquette. Just as you don't trim your nails at the dinner table, you'd think some things would make sense.

Now for myself, I was new to swimming, so I do understand how some things wouldn't be the first thought to come into your head if you're nervous and getting into the cold pool water. Sometimes I think its Karma for my beginning mistakes, that now I have to deal with. Or maybe its just the cycle of life in the gym pool.

Here is much more lengthy list rules.

Here are the top ones that I've come to figure out on my own (which aren't new), just common sense from swimming at the gym. 
  1.  If you're alone in a lane you can take up the middle
  2.  If you all the lanes are taken, Scan to see which swimmer is around your speed and your style. 
  3. WAIT for the swimmer to reach the end, and lightly tap them on the shoulder and ask if its ok to share. They have to say Yes, its just a Nice gesture to ask, and also you can set up ground rules.
    • If there are 2 of you, just take a side and swim back and forth. 
    • If there are 3 or more, swim in a circle (right lane goes out, and left lane comes back), so no one bumps into each other, and everyone can go at their own speed.
  4.  If you can't find someone of you're speed, and you are slower, just pause and let them pass.
  5.  Space out - Let there be enough space between you and the swimmer in front, so you dont touch their legs. 
Its really not too much to request, but there are some pretty comical situations that happen at the gym.

  • People think that if they start on the Opposite side of the lane, that you magically wont bump heads. I really don't understand that concept.
  • New, learning, or non swimmers seem like to stay on the left side with the sprinting swimmers. Why? I imagine the pool like a freeway, slow on the right, fast on the left.. These must be the same people who drive 50mph in the 1st or carpool lane
  • Some reason the most popular stroke is the Frog, (not a legitimate breaststroke, its more like a modified doggy paddle). And those darn froggers take up the whole lane, and if you don't act fast, you risk getting groped by the creepy old dude. *shudders*
  • Slowest swimmer in the world thinks its dandy to swim in the Middle of the POOL, not the lanes, the pool itself, so everyone has to swim around them, and they're not even phased by the disturbance they're causing. They're completely oblivious to it. And you can tell theyr'e not doing it maliciously, they're just doing it because they are stupid.

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