Sunday, May 1, 2011


Sorry for being m.i.a lately. I've been going back to school, and working full time from 8-5, then going to school M-Thurs 6-10, and studying and training, had led me to sacrifice things like TV, movies, internet, and long distance training.
Sometimes I'm so oblivious to the outside world and events. I don't watch the news or get the newspapers, and When I do have time to read, it'll be my textbooks, not a newspaper. But I'm halfway through the semester, and then I'll have summer break to train more and next semester I've learned to not take 2 science classes. Physics is totally consuming my life. I feel everything is sacrificed just a little because I don't have enough time. My work is suffering, my grades, & my training.
I ask myself if its worth it, but I still can't answer myself.
But I made some time today to post up a few more race reviews. yay.

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