Friday, May 27, 2011

Water - Drink it up

I admit, for the past few months, I got lazy. Usually I'd drink about 2 liters and I probably was drinking less than 1 liter a day, maybe only half a liter. During the winter its hard to think of 'water', when there's "hot coco or Hot tea" as an alternative :)

So for the past 2 weeks Ive been making it my mission to drink at least 3 liters of water a day. I know some people who drink by the gallon, I'm not quite up to that point yet..

And so far its been really great! I've noticed my skin looks So much healthier, (shouldn't have wasted so much money on expensive creams when water works even better and faster!)
Also, I've lost weight without even trying! I lost 2 lbs without exercising or cutting my diet.. (water retention was the culprit for the excess weight)

All and all, I'm really glad I finally stopped procrastinating and got on the ball of drinking more water. 

Even my dad is drinking more water!

For the past few years I've been on his case to just Drink more water, like 2 cups or 1 bottle, (I'm not even going to mention a liter).  He's always been a tea drinker, and if you know Chinese tea, its very small in quantities. Yes, Tea is healthy for you, but you still need more liquid in your system. And 2 small pots aint gonna do it. 
So talking to him til I was blue in the face, he never believed this "witchcraft" of water drinking. So I gave up.

Then a month ago while we were having dinner, he says to me, "I've been drinking 2 large cups of water (about 32 oz) each day and I feel so great. I realized tea isn't enough."

OMG I've been saying that to you for years and finally, he's doing it now and seeing the benefits. :-D Yay!

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