Thursday, August 15, 2013

Plantar Fasciitis? Cheap home remedies

Instead of buying the $100 freezable roller, place a water bottle in the freezer and roll the bottom of your foot with it. You can experiment with bottles of different shapes. 

Tennis balls:
Tennis balls are great muscle massagers. You can use them pretty much on any body part, it's cheap, and portable. This case was $.99 at the 99 cent store. Roll the bottom of your foot with it. Really put your weight on it to get a deep massage. 

Panty hose:
Place the ball inside a knee length panty hose so you can control the ball from rolling away. Also a great use for back massaging. Place the ball on your back while standing against a wall. Press and hold the ball on those stubborn muscle knots. 

Happy Rollin' 

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