Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY for dry hands.

I put my skin through a lot of abuse- chlorine, sun, salt, dishes, multiple showers a day, etc.. With the summer heat, my hands were getting really dry and wrinkly. Here's a cheap effective home remedy anyone can do.

1- rubber gloves
2- lotions

Get rubber gloves a size larger or ones that give you a little bit of wiggle room else you hands will feel like they are suffocating.  My hands are technically small so my glove size is a s/m. 

Gather lotions. I like to mix and match and layer an array of lotions.

Next layer the lotion on your hands. Any of your favorites are fine. Gob it on thick. Then put the gloves on. I also squirt in some more lotion after the gloves are on.  I like to do this before bed so when I wake up I have soft silly hands. 

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