Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Free Golf Balls

I don't play golf, but I love using golf balls for my plantar fasciitis. And whats better? Free is always better.
Get 2 free pinnacle golf balls here!


  1. Hey Lily,

    I do golf, sometimes. I had PF a while ago and went to a foot doctor. He said rest it for a week and sold me inserts for my shoes, which I used in all of them for almost a year. The pain stopped almost immediately after using them and I was out running again one week later. The inserts elevate the heel of your feet and reduces to a sliver thickness just before the toes. I also used the frozen water bottle on days I ran, which helped. Good luck with your recovery! I hope it's a quick one.

    1. Thanks Ken!
      my PF comes and goes, its not too bad when I'm more diligent with massages (rolling the foot) and icing it. I think its something I'll have to do forever cus I'm flat footed which seems to always give me foot issues with my mileage, (even with my podiatrist made orthotic inserts). I'm so used to rolling my soles that I even carry a golf ball with me when I travel. hah