Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Follow up to 'The Gout Attack'

I received a good question from a reader and when I began writing a lengthy reply, I realized this would be  good for others well. Thanks Elizabeth! ( The Gout Attack )

Hey Lily! Love your site. I just found this morning looking for a remedy to clean my husband's swimming goggles. I'm wondering what you found out and ultimately did about the gout and restrictive diet? I'm a registered dietitian and HATE having to put people on the diet. I am a runner too and seem to have gout in my big toe (other family members have gout, too).
Elizabeth, RD, LDN Jax Beach, FL

Hi Elizabeth!
Thanks for reading my little blog. I'm really glad it helped.

I actually haven't had a 'gout' attack since writing this post and forgot I even had a 'gout' issue.

I did a restrictive diet for the duration of about 2-3 months, I took cherry supplements, drank 3-4 Liters of water and everything the books told me to do. However, I really didn't find relief or a difference in pain on my wrist or toe.

I had a blood test analysis done at my yearly physical by my physician and what I found out was I actually didn't have gout, even though I experienced ‘gout-like’ symptoms. So all this time I thought I had gout, but it wasn't. It was actually a funny conversation.

me: "Dr. Lee, I wanted to ask you what I can do about my gout"
Dr. Lee: "Gout??!? what are you talking about!! you don't have gout! I would've told you if you had gout"

I naturally have a slightly higher uric acid level, but for my body it operates at that level, which the orthopedic surgeon misread and automatically assumed it was gout (if the uric acid range was 4-8, I'm at 8.5), but gout itself wasn't my culprit which is why I didn't find any relief from the restrictive diet.

With that, I began to use other remedies to treat inflammation and not gout

My 'go-to' remedy to relieve inflammation is Ginger! I used to hate ginger, but now I LOVE it. I take ginger capsules and drink ginger tea  (julienne ginger root and add hot water) after any 'questionable' meal (a 48oz Rib eye steak, or an all you can eat seafood buffet - yes I consume those things haha) and I haven't had any pain or flare ups since. 

As for running and having big toe pain, the anatomy of the foot or the shape of shoe may be the cause of the inflammation. I started using custom orthotics made from the podiatrist and along with the ginger I haven’t had any issues with the toe. (FYI- check your insurance carrier it might cover orthotics, which my insurance thankfully covered my $250 custom orthotics)

I hope this helps and that maybe you’re like me, we have gout-like symptoms but not gout itself, and managing inflammation may by the remedy for you and for some of your patients as well.

Happy eating! J


  1. Thanks for posting! That was very interesting! Over the last year or so, the dietetic community and science world has been publishing lots of info about inflammation. The more I read and research, the more I'm convinced people are living in high inflammatory states in their bodies and don't even realize it.

    I am so glad you have an excellent doctor! (Good, smart doctors that really know their patients are hard to come by anymore) And good insurance :). You found your answer! The more I read and research, I think that I have inflammation, too. Like you, I was not a fan of ginger, but have found natural ways for incorporating it into my diet. Thanks for you ideas, too! They sound wonderful.

    I have also found that Epsom Salt baths work wonders. And, soaking a washcloth in a concentrated solution of the salts and applying to my toe, or anywhere that hurts, also helps tremendously.

    Keep blooming :)


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