Monday, August 22, 2016

Day 1 Reykjavik (lost baggage and then some)

Day 1- Reykjavik 

"WHAT!? You don't know where my bag is?!" 
"If you put down your address and number we'll call you if we find it."
"How long will it take?" 
"We might find it by Wednesday "
"What?! I'm supposed to be backpacking, my tent and sleeping bag are in my backpack. Where am I supposed to sleep?!" 

My first day in Reykjavik is off to a rough start. First I forgot my toiletries  at home (which the only  thing crucial in that bag was my mouth guard), debated if I had enough time to make our back home or not, (which I ended up not going back for). 

Whenever I've traveled, I never really cared about lost luggage  cus  I could pick up whatever I needed. However on thus trip "my tent, my sleeping bag, my everything is in his bag. I can't even fathom the idea on my bag not making it. As i approached baggage claim at 4am, there was an odd calmness in the air which  usually foretold 'shit is about to hit the fan'. 
As I waited, bags came and went but mine never did. 

At that moment I didn't know what to do, denial as the first option, anger, then despair. 'Luckily' I don't like to share tents so Kevin had his own tent that would fit both of us. All I needed was a sleeping bag/pad & a jacket. 

After we settled down at the Reykjavik city campsite right outside the hostel we took a nap and waited for stores to open. We walked to a camping rental store and got me a sleeping bag, pad, and stove, additional $ I didn't want to spend but I'm planning on getting my $ back from the travelers insurance. 

As we walked we saw this sign

 and had to try it out the most famous hotdogs in iceland. 
We saw on the Internet that the hot dogs were good and they were right.  Those were some damn good hotdogs. 

The hostel and campsite are very pleasant and clean and the only thing that smells are the pppl.  there are hot hot showers and water readily available and the communal kitchen is something to experience. People were making very elaborate meals in that kitchen. There is alot of 'free' food and supplies from left over travelers. I "borrowed" a small pot cus ours is in my bag. Half of the food was in Kevin's bag so we'll have meals until me bag arrives if ever... 

It's pretty cold and misty but we're surviving. Tomorrow we go to the Highlands, Landmannalaugar.  

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