Thursday, August 25, 2016

Day 5: we picked up a hitchhiker

Day 5: we picked up a hitchhiker, Rodger from the Netherlands. 

We began our day at Sejalandsfoss where we dropped off Roger. 

We did a stop at Vik to see the black sand beach and picked up a few souvenirs. 

There are these column rock formations 

As we drove to our next destination we stopped for gas and saw Rodger again! We picked him up and headed off. He was stopping  half way to our next stop so it was perfect and he gave us these Dutch waffle caramel cookies as a thank you. 

The 2.6km hike Skogafoss. Pretty awesome. 
We weren't able to go into the ice caves  because it was a 4+ hour tour for 1.590 Kr per person and it was not guaranteed that we could go into the caves either, so.. Passed on that. 

Jokulsaron, the Ice Lagoon
Then icebergs were incredible. I wanted to have dinner there but the water was brackish (mixed with ocean water) so we prepped dinner (one me my favorite backpacking meals, chicken curry with rice) and started singing while the food "cooked" in the thermos. 

our next leg was is gonna be a long drive to Detifoss, so our plan was to drive as far as we could and  camp along the road. We were woken up to this great sight. 

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