Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Day 4 - on the road

5am: Did my bag arrive?
The flight from LAX arrives at 430. I kept checking the 'lost baggage website' Wowair gave me. No status. 

The hostel kitchen/communal  area was relatively empty so I sat down at one of the laptops to see if I could find a phone number for Wowair. I found a number and called a rather rude customer service guy who took down my information and said all he could do was forward my info to the lost baggage department. But he assured me that in the 2 years he's worked there, none  of the bags werw completely lost. 
I began looking at travel reviews to see if other people eventually got their bags back. Sulking, it's been 2+ hours since the plane landed. Surely my bag would have been scanned in by now. About to give up, around 7:30 my phone rings, an Iceland number. I pick up and the first thing I hear is "we have your bag well deliver it to you between 9-12"

Yes!! I have my bag back! I have my own sleeping bag and tent. I didn't mind the rental but I didn't want to continue paying for it! 

I got my bag and the rental car. (Interestingly, they deliver rental cars to you! Something I wish the US would have) 

I was fortunate enough to get a 'free' rental car with my Bank of America travel card points. And with my pack we were off to start our road trip to the Golden Circle. 

First stop 
The Great Atlantic Rift, Thingvellir. 

Next : 


Secret Lagoon

We found an amazing spot to camp at next to a waterfall. Waterfall water tastes amazing! We met some other people in a camper van and we waited for the Northern Lights again. It wasn't as bright or 'streaks' like Reykjavik, but I saw the formation from start to finish. A long streak like a cloud rose over the horizon. And then parts would get brighter and start to move. Still a spectacular experience. 


  1. so what kind of car did they deliver to you? curious to see what kind of cars are daily drivers or rentals in iceland

  2. We got a small hyundai. I rented from Lotus Car rental which uses older cars for half the price. Ours has 165k miles on it but hey it works! Haha