Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Day 3 - back to Reykjavik

Met many  awesome backpackers at the campsite hostel. Everyone has such a unique story.  2 French guys just finished a 3 week hike and other couple from France and Switzerland just arrived today for 3 weeks. The campsite hostel is so interesting. The free food section has fed us for several meals and the communal kitchen is hustling all the time. People cooking elaborate meals and sharing when they cooked too much. 

Had my first hot shower since arriving and it makes you feel like a new person. 

Walked around the city and I noticed there are many banana themed candies  here. And egg shaped Haribo Gummies? 

I'm supposed to find out if they found my bag. Pray pray pray 

Later that night around 12:30am we walk out of the hostel lobby and hear a bunch of people looking at the sky "Ooing and Ahhing" I look up and we see it, The Northern Lights!!!! 

It was spectacular! Bright green streaks dancing in the sky. I always thought the videos people post online are time lapses but the lights actually move quite fast. Like smoke billowing in the wind. The lights would appear all around us. In front, on the side, behind us. My wish for a trip to Iceland was to see the Northern Lights and we were blessed with Lady Aurora's presence. 

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