Friday, August 26, 2016

Day 6 - a walk through the lava fields

Day 6: 
Driving on the 1

Theres really nothing to see on the east. Mainly fog and flatness. 
Last night we parked somewhere to sleep. We woke near a town we called "DJ Up". (Djupivogur). 

We drove through a pass called the 939 Oxi and it's SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AREA! I would love to backpack through there. 

Cascading waterfalls surrounded by greenery. It's like a fairy tale land. 

photos cannot even capture a tiny tiny tiny fraction of how amazingly beautiful  this area is!!  

First stop Detifoss:

It's so amazing how close you can get to these places. In the US there would be gates and guards etc cus someone would get to close to the edge and fall and sue. 

We hiked down 2km to have our lunch (chicken noodle soup with rice) with a view.  

Next : 
Walk through the lava rock fields. 
I took some "souvenirs" again. :) 
My camera got fogged up so I didn't get any good pictures. 
This is  moss that grows very slowly and the Icelandic people are very protective of it. 

This area is where Iceland gathers hot water produced from the geo-thermal activity (aka lava) and they send it down to the cities. This is why there is no shortage of Hot water in Iceland. 

It's so readily available that there is this perpetual shower always running. (And the water was warm too!) 

I thought that similar to Landmannalaugar that the hot springs would be free/easy to get to, but the hot springs at Myvatan were pay per use. So we skipped it. 

For the past few nights we slept on the car because it was easier but I'm much more comfortable in my tent on the ground (with my cot). 
So tonight we are tent camping and it feels so good!! The campgrounds also have HOT showers (my 2nd shower for this trip). It not that I don't have access to  showers daily, it's just too inconvenient to me to take a shower everyday. I really don't feel that I need to. Hehehe

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