Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day 7: Waterfalls and a Wedding

Day 7: 
We left our campsite at Myvatn and headed toward the Grjotagja, the grotto where John Snow & Egritt had their moment on Game of Thrones. It was so warm my camera fogged up again and it was hard to take photos. Good thing for iPhones as a backup 

Next was this giant crater. Hverfell 

It was an exhausting hike to get up to it.  We had to option to hike the rim of the crater (which I totally would have) but it was raining hard and it was cold so we only walked a small portion and headed back down. 

See the tiny people? 

Inside the crater 

Next was the waterfall of the Gods, Godafoss 

There was an engagement photo shoot and a separate wedding happening. 

Still amazed how close we can get

Our next stop was a far drive to the Koluglijufur. It was a small waterfall but so beautiful. The gorge it created was breath taking. Imagine these farmers have this as their backyard! All I have is the backside of the 60 freeway, hah! We collected more waterfall water to filter and drink (thanks Grant for the platypus!) 

We're a day ahead of schedule so we're gonna go to Hraunfossar to spend the night. Sleeping next to a roaring river and waterfall is such a beautiful music to my ears. 


  1. looks great lily! lol...glad to see the platypus is getting some serious usage.

    1. It been super awesome. Although the tap water in Iceland is fine to drink there is a hint of sulfur to it. Waterfall water tastes so much better!