Sunday, July 11, 2010

Open Water Swimming - Part 2


I'm just a little ecstatic because I had such a GREAT swim this time. My second time in open water and it was fantastic. My breathing was great, I didn't swallow nearly as much sea water as I did last time, I had great form and I made it to the second buoy! And Most of all it was "FUN".

Connie, my partner in crime, did fantastic as well. This was her first time ever being in open water, and she held it together really well.  We were going to head back to shore after we reached the first buoy, but the Meetup group said to try to make it to the second buoy, So we did. 

The water somehow seemed a lot clearer this time (maybe last time I was just too freaked out to see anything) I swear I saw a Sting ray swim underneath me, and I had a mini freak-out. 

Sammy, from the Meetup group, was so helpful. He gave us a great tip.
  1. Dont kick too hard - the wetsuit keeps your legs pretty close to the surface. If you kick too hard, you'll waste a lot of energy because you'll be splashing too much.
I hate to say it now, "I'm addicted to Open water swimming"

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