Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ruptured Achilles Tendon - Day 95 Post Op Day 83

Now the Days are coming close to the double digits which makes it a little hard to calculate.. So weeks are a little easier to grasp.

Weeks since :
Injury - 14
Operation - 12

So since the operation, Kevin was in a cast for 6 week and a walking boot for 6 weeks.
and Now finally he has a Physical Therapy Prescription!
Normally it shouldn't take so long to get a PT prescription, but Dr Smith wanted to be more conservative and let the tendon heal longer to avoid re-rupture, or over stretching. 

Kevin only wore the walking boot religiously for the first 2 days. Then he wore it on and off, and gradually more off than on. Pretty much by the 2nd week, he was hardly ever wearing the walking boot. He felt to no pain, and it seemed better for him to actually get some movement in his leg sooner rather than later.

Since Kevin got his boot, we were researching nearby PT facilities. Luckily we have the option of picking with a PPO.

We interviewed 2 offices, where all the therapists had a DPT from USC. Since Kevin has been walking pretty well without his boot for the last 4 weeks, when we walked into the PT office, the PT actually didn't even know what was wrong with him. I feel that's a good sign, that his PT will go faster and smoother than anticipated.

Office #1 only had 1 therapist. It was closer, about a 5 min drive, but a smaller facility. When we walked in around 2pm, the sign in sheet was already 3/4 full, which shows he must be good, and very busy. Also he is open Monday - Saturday. The Saturday option is appealing in case we get busy during the work week.

Office #2 had a group of therapists, about 5 or more. It was a bit farther, about a 15 min drive, but still pretty close by to us. The facility was much larger, with lots of fancy new equipment. The downside of this facility is that since there are so many therapists, and so many different clients, it will get busy or crowded during peak hours. Also, even though the office is open Mon - Fri, the main therapists are only there M, W, F, which puts a damper if you have a busy schedule.

We ended up picking office #2. Kevin has a tendency to dislike certain qualities of trainers, having the option to change, was appealing to him.  Since there are different therapists there, Kevin would have the option of changing therapist.  Whereas office #1, he would be stuck with the same guy through the whole process.

His first evaluation will be on Monday. Excited to see his first session.

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