Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stop the Itch - Method 2

Continuing from the prior post: Stop the Itch

I tried another method on the list. Now Baking soda did work pretty well to stop the itch, but it wasn't reducing the inflammation. So I wanted to try aspirin which should reduce inflammation.

1: using non coated aspirin (the ones that look like white disks) add drops of water to dissolve it into a paste.
2: cover the bite
3: I used athletic tape to hold it in place, you can use gauze or band aids or something.

This worked well to stop the itch. I went to bed with this one and it hasn't fallen off. Its been about 12 hours with this on, and no itch. :) I actually think I get itchy from the tape rather than the bites themselves.
I'm sure band aids would probably be better, but I don't have those big band-aids in my house and athletic tape was much cheaper :)

After wearing the aspirin for almost a day, I removed the bandage and aspirin after a workout and didn't have time to reapply. After running some errands, 3+ hours later the area still has NO itch.
it could be the poison has finished the worse of its course, but I think the aspirin really helped.

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