Monday, June 4, 2012

Ruptured Achilles Tendon - Physical Therapy Day 1

First Day of Physical Therapy!

The Therapist, Aaron, did a 20 min evaluation on Kevin. Kevin has really flat feet, so he wants to work on the Tibialis Posterior muscle, to help give more support to the arch, and pretty much all his leg and hip muscles. The stronger his leg muscles are, the less his Calves will need to do the work = less work for the Achilles.

1 bad thing is that since Kevin wasn't wearing his boot (and immobilizing the heel) his heel is a little "over stretched". so the therapist will need to correct it. Oops.

Session 1:
Stretch the calf with foam roller
2x10 windshield wipers

  • in a seated position with knees @ 90 degrees, swipe the feet left to right, keeping the leg stabilized and the ball of the foot and heel touching the ground. 
Foot Movements with the band for resistance. 
2x10 - Point/roll foot inwards
2x10 - Point/roll foot outwards
2x10 - Dorsiflexion (point toes toward nose)
2x10 - Plantarflexsion (point toes toward ground)

2x30seconds Balance on 1 leg

2x10 - Clam shells 
  • laying on your side, with your hips aligned, bend knees to 90 degrees. Turn top knee towards to ceiling, so your legs look like an open clam. 
2x10 - leg lifts
  • laying on your side with your hips aligned and legs straight, lift top leg up to the ceiling. 

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