Thursday, September 16, 2010

Damage Control

Logging my meals will help me stick to it..  cus that'll just be embarrassing.. :)

I'm not a huge nutrition junkie, (the ones that have nightmares about sugar and street tacos). I Like Sugar, and I Like Street Tacos.... and if i can't have those things, then theres not point in me working out at all. hahah. I know I can step up my "fitness game" if I really got hard core into it, but to me, "if you can't eat, then its what's the point?!"

My meals aren't based on any science or southbeach/atkins/whatever-fad diet and may not be the best caloric/non-carb option.. its merely whatever I have accessible in my apt. Anything in moderation (low fat, high fiber) is fine for you.

Day 1 -
Breakfast - can't really remember.. but it wasn't that great.
Lunch - boiled greenbeans, carrots, onions and red potatoes, barley tea.
Dinner - Fish, vegies, brothy soup.

PM - 4.5 mile run (Protein Shake - PS)

Day 2 -
Breakfast - PS, Wheat toast, apple,  coffee (black)
Snack - 1-2 cups of grapes
Lunch - Spinach salad, oatmeal, 2 hard boiled egg whites.
Dinner - chicken and potatoes, shaved ice with mangos and grass jelly.

AM - 20 min yoga
PM - 8+ mile run
(strangely my body has detoxed itself pretty quickly by this point)

Day 3 -

Breakfast - Toast and 2 hardboiled egg whites, coffee
Lunch - Corn soup, spinach salad, apple
Dinner - Chuckroast with mushrooms and onions.

AM 20 min Yoga
PM 30 min Resistance
(Seriously sick of Spinach at this point and I have a costco size carton in my fridge that has a tiny dent)

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