Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weight - Its just a Numbers Game..

Weight - the Only thing everyone always wants Less of.

Weight can fluctuates between 1-7+ pounds in just 1 day, from morning to night.

Find your True Weight - before you decide to start dieting, just continue your normal everyday activities and meals. Routinely weigh yourself in the morning right after you wake up and pee and before you had anything to eat or drink. For about about 2 weeks to month see how much your weight changes each day, it'll usually go up or down -+2 pounds. See which number it settles at and you'll find your 'true' average weight. It's better for women to do this longer, because Aunt Flo can definitely skew the number with a higher level of water retention.

-why is this important? because those 10lbs that you lost.. might really only be 6 lbs because of the fluctuations of your body or vice versa.

Common Scenario - You weigh yourself in the morning, and then after a nice 'All you can eat Buffet dinner', your weight increase 7 pounds at night. With the Holidays approaching, this is definitely something we worry about during Thanksgiving and Xmas.

Don't freak out- you didn't really "Gain" 7 pounds in body mass. Your body can't turn everything you ate into Fat clumps in your butt so quickly. But it WILL without an action plan. With a plan, you can still have your cake and eat it too. That's my motto..

What makes up most of this weight?

1- Water Retention
2-Food Stored in your stomach and GI tract which may take 2-4 days for your 'All you can eat Buffet meal' to pass down into the toilet.

Action Plan - when you do eat a big meal one day, plan to do some nice detoxing and cleansing the following days to prevent all that food in becoming fat.


Ginger tea is a great way to detox & it helps promote digestion (slices of ginger root + hot water)
Lemons and water
Oatmeal and other High fiber foods (look for high Insoluble fiber content)
Dark Leafy greens
WATER - lots of water -not soda -
You want to make sure everything goes down the toilet (at least once a day)
If you need some help, Coffee and Apples are a natural laxative.


Increase your activity level during the next few days, exercise also promotes movement in the GI tract. You don't need to run a marathon, but cleaning the house, walking the dog, playing in the park with your kids, washing windows or the car, are great ways to burn off some calories = multitasking.

After a week of "daily cleansing and activities" you should be back to your 'true' weight, if its still higher, you might still have some stuff in your GI tract or your body HAS turned that 'All you can eat Buffet' meal into Body Mass/Fat, and now its time to hit the gym.

How many calories is a pound?
~3500 Calories = 1 pound of body fat.

Est Calories burned for 1 mile
Running = Your Weight x .63
Walking = Your Weight x .30

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