Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Road Rash

This weekend I had my first fall.. It wasn't a bad fall, but a fall none-the-less..

Hence.. the road rash on my knee.. I took the advice of other bikers and online forums they said 

(A) cleaned it, peroxide, ointment, keep it moist and covered with tagaderm for 7 days... 

after 2 days it still looked as worse as ever, oozing all over the place.. yes..  my leg was oozing.. it wasn't pleasant (for other people). 

Luckily I already had an upcoming apt with my dermatologist which she gave me very conflicting information. 

(B)  Clean it, 'scrub' out all the puss, Air it out, Let it dry, DONT cover it and put a cream called Biafine (I have the $7 generic version called - Prutect) - prescriptions are needed. 

after only half a day with her recommendation my leg looks much better.. 

I really don't know where this Keep it Moist and covered theory came from, but I do not think that is the best method for healing road rash. 

Due to popular demand..
Its really not that bad of a fall..


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