Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vacation Gorging

Vacays are always hard to stick to diet and exercise.. its really not in the itinerary..  and who likes counting calories in a foreign country.. they do use the metric system.. so everything goes out the window..

I went to Europe for 6 days a friend's wedding in London... Being my first time in Europe (I really hate flying) I decided to make the most of it and see Paris along the way to London. fyi Dramamine is a Godsend!!

I even packed my gym shoes and clothes and booked hotels with gyms in them, and had planned to wake up a 6am to do at least 20-40 mins of cardio and resistance.. But the hotel gym only opens form 9-5. WTF? no one can make it to the gym during those times.. seriously Europe? WTF?

Yea... None of that happened.. my shoes never even came out of the suitcase.. trying to adjust to the time and the exhaustion of flying, just getting enough rest was a feat in itself..

I aint gonna lie.. I did alot of USA chanting.. cus damn.. California is GREAT!! where else can you drive 45 mins and be snow boarding, or tanning at the beach in the SAME day. Where else do you have a 24 hour fitness, awesome trails and roads to go running and biking.. Seriously traveling makes you realize how great CA is.. U-S-A! U-S-A!! (the only exception would be Hawaii.. cus nothing really beats Hawaii)

Anyways, I hope to have a better workout/travel plan in the future.. but for now.. DAMAGE CONTROL!

I don't even need a scale to know I GAINED weight by the muffin top billowing out of my sweat pants. Immediately the next day when I got back to the states I went for a jog, and boy that was tough..

Endurance is a funny thing.. it takes forever to build up.. but so quickly it can disappear.. my legs felt like bricks, my shins flared up, and my knees were aching from the extra weight. The fascinating thing about running is how in-tune you are with your body.. You really sense every little inch of your body and you can feel when something is "Not right"


  1. There ain't no place like home. I doubt you are billowing though. Let me know when you feel like getting fatter and let's try out a restaurant in your neck of the woods.

  2. Sweet! I am craving Pasta!!! I want PASTA!!! seriously gonna throw a tantrum.. haha I'll keep you posted once I fall off this Damage Control wagon.. :-D